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  1. Hello, you are blocking all of our sub-domains of babsft.com. This domain is used as the CDN for Babylon-software.com. There is no trojan on our domain - the only thing that is flagged is our installed which you still insist on flagging as PUP.Optional.Babylon and we are negotiating the dispute for a false positive on that as well. Here is the log: Ldt.babsft.com Clientui.babsft.com Img.babsft.com Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 2/5/19 Protection Event Time: 10:51 AM Log File: 3d57af3e-2923-11e9-abcc-1c1b0d0efbc8.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.527 Update Package Version: 1.0.9122 License: Trial -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 17134.523) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Website Details- Malicious Website: 1 , , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Website Data- Category: Trojan Domain: img.babsft.com IP Address: Port: [50223] Type: Outbound File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe (end)
  2. Dear Sir/Madam, You Identify our installation file as PUP.Optional.Babylon. Indeed we are Babylon, but please explain what it wrong with our software that you feel the need to warn your users from our software and quarantine our files. Many of our users use your software and due to this new false positive, our software no longer function on their machines. These are both free users and paying users. Please correct this false positive or contact us with the issue you have found with our software. Your log and our installation files are attached. BabylonNG_setup.rarmb-log.txt Kind regards, Ran Eyal VP of Sale and Marketing Babylon Software LTD.
  3. Thank you, The file is attached - password = 'infected' Babylon10_setup_ns.zip
  4. Dear Sir/Madam, VirusTotal claims to use your detection database and says you flagged our software as PUP.Optional.DownLoadAdmin. This is a false positive as we provide our users and anyone who wishes to use our software a clean installation of our translation software. There is nothing bundled, we do not do any harm to the user’s machine in any way. Please re-review our software and remove our false positive flag. I have attached your log as you requested. Regards, Ran Eyal Director of Sales and Marketing Babylon Software LTD mbam.txt
  5. Thank you for taking care of this issue. Can you estimate when will this database update take place? Will the users receive the update automatically, or do they need to perform any kind of action? Regards, Ran Eyal, Babylon Software
  6. Dear Sir/Madam, I am contacting you regarding a false identification of our software – Babylon10. Your Anti-Virus software identifies our software as 'Potentially Unwanted Program', warning the user about a threat. I am not sure whether you are aware of the fact that Babylon Software LTD. has purchased the translation business in its entirety from Babylon LTD. On October 2014. Babylon Software LTD. focuses on using a clean software solely for translation purposes, which comes with no bundles or search properties in any way or form. All of our installation files are also signed with our signature. If you wish to re-inspect our software, you can download it from our site at http://www.babylon.com. If you still find anything improper, we would be happy to hear about it and correct it. We believe that the aforementioned is caused due to a misunderstanding on your end, as you were not informed of the modifications that were recently made in our translation software, and that you will correct the false identification ASAP. Please inform us when the correction has been applied so we will be able to verify it. I have attached the identification log and all some of the files as per your request. Regards, Ran Eyal Head of Sales and Marketing Babylon Software LTD. Bab_Soft.rar
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