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  1. I think we have it handled, we digitally signed it and we think it has corrected the false positive. Time will tell
  2. We have a few apps that we wrote that have been in use forever. For the past week we have one of them being blocked by Anti-Ransomware. I have tried the policy exception but we run it from a network path and that is not allowed in the policy. What do I need to get it added to the database to allow it?
  3. I only say that because support has told me that. Nobody at support knows if or when it will get updated. I uncovered a bug where it lists the wrong OS when you view the client, that has been added to the bug list as well. Its been a few months now since then even. Sad, I like this product too.
  4. Sad to say but I think the Management server portion is dead, they have focused 100% on the cloud management service. Which basically puts us organizations out of luck of any updates. Shame as it was starting to look like a good product. Might have to start looking for a different malware product.
  5. We are getting a rash of these today. Its all IE, Office and Adobe. Many users. I have those settings unchecked in Policy but users still getting the block
  6. Sure thing Ron, FYI: your post about collecting logs doesn't work anymore. The location is wrong and the link to current versions is broke :) Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  7. we are getting them now too, since yesterday. We don't have any check boxes checked to block VB Scripting either, but still gets blocked.
  8. We appear to be getting these too, but from IE. Exploit attempt blocked BLOCK C:\WINDOWS\system32\VBScript.dll We also do not have any of the boxes checked for VB scripting. So why is it still blocking it?
  9. I see my mistake now lol. I'll watch that the next time I post.
  10. Thanks Knguyen1, I apologize if it was in the cloud section, I did not see anything about cloud when I posted. Yes, I created a ticket because even though I added the exclusions it still doesn't work correctly
  11. Thanks Knguyen1, We have had both installed for a few years now, and has been working fine. Then this started to happen. We are a on-premise only, so will those cloud exceptions still work if I added them to our exclusions? Virus and Threat Protection page is totally blank. Doesn't state either is turned on. The Windows Security Service is disabled but I think McAfee / Windows disables that when McAfee gets installed. I cannot enable it as it is greyed out.
  12. Has anybody else seen that with MB and McAfee Endpoint Security installed that going into outlook, options, trust center, trust center settings, programmatic access, that Outlook states that Antivirus status is invalid. Yet when I stop Malwarebyts and restart outlook it shows the status as valid. I believe this just started happening within the last could weeks. How does one add an exception for that?
  13. We are now getting this too. I loaded keystone outside our firewall and I get a 403 - forbidden
  14. Awesome thank you, I read the explanations, I'm just curious as to why all of a sudden, can you tell exactly where it thinks its bad or what's its doing? maybe I can change that part of the code to be better.
  15. I have been writing this program for like 10 years for my mom, updating some code yesterday and all of a sudden it's tagged as MachineLearning / Anomalous 95%. I don't pack or obfuscate it but maybe i should digitally sign it. I have also added it to exclusions and still gets tagged. malwaredetected.txt RecipeBank.zip
  16. Thanks Pedro, It was also mentioned to me that I can hide the icon and run silently/limited. That may be good for 99% of our users. It would be good if yes, you stop even admin from turning it off, but also maybe add a password protection so super admin can unlock it to turn it off, but still have the MGMT turn it back on after a short while. just a suggestion. And as for #2, that's my other thread, it doesn't work on Windows 10
  17. Hi Pedro, I did create a ticket on this, Dyllon has it and is looking through all my logs. Case #: 971700
  18. Sorry Pedro, fat fingers. Would like to get this resolved, any thoughts?
  19. Well, after I reset the policy to quarantine all items it hasn't failed. So thinking that when I copied the main policy to this laptop policy it didn't set very well. So checking the box again finally set it.
  20. I am curious if the ability for users to "Stop Protection" on the Anti-Exploit will be disabled? We don't want to let the users to be able to Stop Protection whenever. The whole point of protecting a cooperate user is to stop them from doing the irresponsible thing. So is there a way to disable it or is this a feature that is being worked on in the next build?
  21. Yes to both questions. The only difference between mine and a managed one, is I have Anti-Exploit installed as well plus the managed install. If it wasn't managed I couldn't see it on the server correct? And I do, I can see protection was turned off and the server still showing its still on.
  22. Thanks Pedro, PDF995 won't work in this situation, we have to wait for Oracle to update the software. Appreciate you looking into this.
  23. I have changed the setting back. I will wait until the policy propagates throughout. Once I see one happen I will try to get the logs for ya
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