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  1. So, Its sad I have to worry each week if something important is going to be blocked from a so called AI. Malware.AI.4293756365 File Malware Quarantined C:\PYTHON27\ARCGISX6410.5\LIB\SITE-PACKAGES\PANDAS\MSGPACK\_UNPACKER.PYD Can I get this whitelisted please _unpacker.zip
  2. Thanks AndrewPP, But if the cleanup process is only activated when the EDRPlugin initializes than it could be a problem. That's a bug I am waiting for, for the last month, to get fixed as EDR does not work until they patch it, I heard next month. But I will run that command and post it to the case if anybody ever contacts me. I also have not had any contact since I opened the case. 2 days ago. Case 3419543, I think lol, I have so many open.
  3. I was just informed that we have a couple users that are almost out of C drive space because C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent\Plugins\EDRPlugin\Backup That folder is very large, like 133gb large. We can't see to delete any of those files as it gives an error that we don't have permissions from System. Idea and why are they not deleting on their own?
  4. Perfect, thank you. I have done this one just now. I will continue to do the others that way as well.
  5. Something missing that was in the On-Prem platform , database version. We need the ability to see what version each endpoint is using. Give us the ability if they endpoint is actually talking to the outside world.
  6. I have noticed that we can see when the endpoint started and ended a scan, but if a endpoint is running slow and we believe a scan is running, there is no way to tell if the endpoint is actually running a scan from the cloud side. I am fairly certain that the agent can tell if it is running a scan and if so upload to the cloud in events that "scan is currently running" or something.
  7. cli, can I get my second screenshot deleted in my first post? Or delete this whole thread?
  8. so in the cloud do I check for protection updates? what version should the new database be?
  9. so it scanned and checked out fine?, thank you sir
  10. uggg can the second attachment get deleted please.
  11. So can we add files here to check if we are on the cloud? I ask because not much of log file like home users. I have a scan report from email as the machine has been taken off the network. But i need a file scanned and whitelisted if possible. The vendor says it is a legit file, but file looks suspect to me. ComJPayHelper.zip
  12. I like the new update but the reporting is not as good. Sure we can see the software installed on each machine, but if I was to drill down to a specific vendor I see different software versions installed on each machine. If I was to run a report on those all I get is one machine per software version. If I narrow it down to just showing machines and application, I get nothing in the report. So why does the report only give you application versions and not all the machines? I filtered it by one one piece of software and it showed 8 machines, but ran the report and I only got 3, randomized almost. I would want the downloadable report to show everything, especially if I was after the machine so we can look into it farther. Right now the downloadable reports are useless.
  13. well, the only way I have found and it is not an easy way, but you can open the latest scan results file here C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\ScanResults\ and look for the line "applicationVersion" : "" . where the 4.2.2 is the version for
  14. Thanks exile, I will have to try the clean option, did the other ones to no avail. It will have to be later today.
  15. Is it just me or is there an issue with making Malwarebytes Premium 4.2.3 always show in Windows Security Center? It worked fine on Windows 1903 and now that I am on Windows 20H2 it doesn't seem to be working anymore. I enabled "Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center" box and it still shows Windows Defender as a managed provider. Even after a restart. Wanted to see if anybody else has heard of such a thing before I opened a ticket.
  16. I wanna say its part of the EDR that wants to upload the file. You could upload your file here https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/42-file-detections/ and they will whitelist it. If it's a legit file that you want whitelisted
  17. Support ticket has ben created and they are looking into it.
  18. Curious if anybody else has an issue where in the Tasks section there are a fare amount of failed task all dealing with "File Upload for Analysis" for some reason I do and it doesn't say why they failed. If this is not common I may need to open a ticket and find out why.
  19. We are going through our first upgrade of the software and I noticed that the section that allows you to download the installer doesn't have a version listed. We don't know if it was updated or not. Would be nice to see at least a updated date or version number so we can know when to download it.
  20. Sorry guys, the problem was so bad we had to upgrade to Nebula really fast. I will have to create a ticket because now that Nebula upgraded to the version we are seeing the same thing as we did in the on-prem version. Except we do not see the HP driver issue.
  21. We want to start pushing the new update to clients but when we do we get the error Failed to upgrade endpoint to NCEP 4: The configuration file has been changed by another program. (C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent\MBCloudEA.exe.Config) The only thing that changes that file is your product, so what doesn't it like?
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