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  1. 43GB used here before I killed it. After restart, it takes off and has consumed over 15GB within 6-7 minutes. Running latest Premium.
  2. I realized that I was running 3.0.5. I installed 3.0.6 after booting Windows to Safe Mode, and it seems to have resolved the issue.
  3. Exact same issue here...log file attached. mb-checkResult.txt
  4. Logs as you requested. Thanks. Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
  5. I'm running Windows 10, with MBAM installed. With MBAM enabled, iTunes and Spotify both lock up immediately on launch (a window opens, but no contents are displayed) and have to be terminated through Task Manager. With MBAM closed, or the Malware engine disabled, both apps launch normally with no issue. Once the apps are opened, I can enable MBAM again and I experience no issues in either app. When I launch either app with MBAM enabled, I do not get any notifications from MBAM that would indicate it has found anything, nor do I find anything in the Protection Log outside of the expected notices regarding stopping and starting of modules and scans.
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