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  1. May I suggest switching over from AVG to Avira's Antivir? I have never been a 'fanboy' but there are 2 products that I use and trust. One is Antivir and the other is MBAM. Not only is Antivir lighter on resources, but it's detection rates are flat out better. I think someone of your skillset and knowledge would enjoy Antivir. Note: The free version of Antivir does not include link scanning or e-mail scanning. Take a look at this page for a comparison of the Antivir versions.

    I have to agree with swagger here. Avira has some of the best detection rates out right now for a free anti-virus. I like to run the full scan with MBAM and SAS once a month or so and while the scan is running Avira will be checking the files along-side both of them; usually an Avira dialog will prompt for a decision on a suspicious file though the scan is being run through one of the others.

    The decision of still running an AV has been covered, but I'd just like to add that running 1 AV and multiple anti-malware/anti-spyware programs in realtime should not create any conflicts at all so there shouldn't be any reason not to have them, as long as they aren't hogging your cpu or memory. No program covers everything so a layered approach to your PC security is the way to go.

    The only path that leads to total security is to not have a computer but I'm sure most will agree that that's just insane and borderline heresy ;) .

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  2. I definitely agreed with exile on this one... #1 Avira, #2 Avast, #3 AVG when free AVGs are concerned. I've witnessed AVG's poor detection rate first hand. Sounds like Microsoft Security Essentials may be pretty good when it comes out of beta.

    AVG is starting to come up in the world. I don't know enough about Avast to form an opinion on their AV, but I know AVG has really dropped the ball over the last several months but their detection rates are starting to catch up with the rest of the industry so hopefully they be able to make a significant come back, but I don't think they'll ever be a leader.

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  3. No worries, I've got a sense of humor :D . I'm not easily offended either, even when someone is actually trying to do so (which I know you weren't ;) ).

    He lies. I can piss him off everytime I talk to him. It was probably a server problem between your ISP and MBAM. I have the same issue with another forum, unfortunatly for me it happens a couple of times a week.

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  4. I've got a buddy that swears by Kaspersky. 9 times out of 10 when I call him up he'll tell me about some new feature they've added and let tell you this guy knows what he's talking about. If I wasn't so cheap I'd've bought it by now, but from what I can tell Avira and AVG are the two best AV programs you'll find on the free market.

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