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  1. I have the same doubts. So do other people: Actually the OP stated a really good point above.
  2. @Porthos I guess he is talking about the Windows 10 (1709) Exploit Protection: I actually have the same doubt. If MB does a better job and I bet it is the case, should (can) I disable the 6 protection Windows Exploit Protection modules?
  3. For me Windows Defender + MBAM 3.3 are working together very well. No issues at all! The only 2 things I did to improve this happy marriage were: - following the awesome help from @Porthos I added the exclusions in both applications. - I changed the interval Windows Defender autoupdates itself from every around 22 hours to every 1 hour using the Shell Command: Set-MpPreference -SignatureUpdateInterval 1 Windows 10 64 Bit PRO (build 1709)
  4. Bitdefender and MBAM issues

    Actually I forgot to tell that I'm no longer running Bitdefender. Since March, 19th, I am running the new (old) Norton Security with MBAM. I have to say that I am very happy about this change: 1. So far, no more BSoDs at all. 2. Norton consumes away lower computer resources than Bitdefender. Maybe I am losing some protection in not running Bitdefender, but I trust on Norton + MBAM (+ common sense) combo! About the Vulnerability Scan from Bitdefender, you can replace that using Secunia. That's it. Thank you guys for all support!
  5. Bitdefender and MBAM issues

    Since yesterday I am running MBAM ( + BIS 2016 ( under Win10 PRO (10586.164), So far no BSOD yet. I will post here if i have a BoSD.
  6. Here I chose to keep MBAM running with Real-Time Protection. I uninstalled BD 2016 and installed BD 2015. So far, no more BSOD's When things get stable with the combo BD 2016 + MBAM, I will give a second try on BD 2016. PS. @rdorian Actually im tracking (subscribed to) your 2 threads (here and on MBAM forums). Very good job gathering all the information!