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  1. Based on the amount of salt and time wasted trying to reply to every single post, this guy must be one of those social incompetents who gets overjoyed flaming and creating drama in internet forums and reddit.
  2. I had the same problem. Malwarebytes Support Live Chat solved the problem in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Hello! I formatted my computer and I am having problems to activate my license due "maximum installations achieved". I tried to "Deactivate All" in my.malwarebytes.com, but it is still not allowing me to activate my MB. Can a Malwarebytes representative send me instructions by private message? Thank you in advance.
  4. I have the same doubts. So do other people: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/221573-malwarebytes-and-new-windows-defender-anti-exploit-features/ Actually the OP stated a really good point above.
  5. @Porthos I guess he is talking about the Windows 10 (1709) Exploit Protection: https://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/windows-10-exploit-protection-guide.html I actually have the same doubt. If MB does a better job and I bet it is the case, should (can) I disable the 6 protection Windows Exploit Protection modules?
  6. For me Windows Defender + MBAM 3.3 are working together very well. No issues at all! The only 2 things I did to improve this happy marriage were: - following the awesome help from @Porthos I added the exclusions in both applications. - I changed the interval Windows Defender autoupdates itself from every around 22 hours to every 1 hour using the Shell Command: Set-MpPreference -SignatureUpdateInterval 1 Windows 10 64 Bit PRO (build 1709)
  7. Actually I forgot to tell that I'm no longer running Bitdefender. Since March, 19th, I am running the new (old) Norton Security with MBAM. I have to say that I am very happy about this change: 1. So far, no more BSoDs at all. 2. Norton consumes away lower computer resources than Bitdefender. Maybe I am losing some protection in not running Bitdefender, but I trust on Norton + MBAM (+ common sense) combo! About the Vulnerability Scan from Bitdefender, you can replace that using Secunia. That's it. Thank you guys for all support!
  8. Since yesterday I am running MBAM ( + BIS 2016 ( under Win10 PRO (10586.164), So far no BSOD yet. I will post here if i have a BoSD.
  9. Here I chose to keep MBAM running with Real-Time Protection. I uninstalled BD 2016 and installed BD 2015. So far, no more BSOD's When things get stable with the combo BD 2016 + MBAM, I will give a second try on BD 2016. PS. @rdorian Actually im tracking (subscribed to) your 2 threads (here and on MBAM forums). Very good job gathering all the information!
  10. Hello, was the BAD_POOL_HEADER issue fixed anytime? Right now, i´m only using MBAM on demand (it is not starting with Windows) and i don´t have that BSoD doing this way for 1 week. I was having the BAD_POOL_HEADER many times when loading webpages like (Facebook, Newspapers, etc,) with lots of links/images. So im asking that because i really like MBAM and i would like to have it running 100% of time in my machine. And no, im not going to do those dozens of tests with logs, because to not have MBAM running on my machine already fixed my problem, thats the reason i´m asking if the BAD_POOL_HEAD
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