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  1. I deleted the log to see if Malwarebytes would register either one in it's log when I opened them. I'm not seeing anything there in the list when I do this.
  2. If the IP address is the one on the first line in the brackets next to "Tracing route to", then it's still not allowing me to access the website even after I put it into the 'web exclusions' list.
  3. Yes, that's the website.
  4. This ia what came up when I traced the IP address.
  5. The above ip address belongs to the WindowsCentral website which I frequent regularly. I added the domain name, ip address, and process to the "Web Exclusions" list..Still it blocks me from accessing the website, and also, my W10 app doesn't connect. Unless I exit Malwarebytes, is when can connect to the website and through the app.
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