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  1. Your last line. And you have the hide to call people idiots!!
  2. Well they actually do. It's called paying for a subscriptions.
  3. Like anyone here or anywhere else in the world is stopping them from doing their job!!
  4. hi I was trying to install the app "Moo0 File Shredder", which I have had previously installed on my system and MWB had never flagged it as suspicious. Yesterday when I tried to install it, MWB was blocking the exe from running, but it did not give me an option either to accept, ignore, or block it altogether it the event I suspected it was suspicious. I tried to exclude it under the "Exclusions" option, but it would still get blocked. MWB pop-up did mention the app was trying to connect to the internet and provided the website link & IP address claiming the site was malicious. (bin.moo0.com - P The file itself was scanned with multiple other scanners and all showed up clean. I have been using this app or a very long time & from what I can see Moo0 thrid party apps and not flagged as suspicious on the internet with multiple download sites, though one can never be 100% certain I guess. Anyway the way I got around this was to momentarily deactivate the my connection to the internet, install the app and re-connect, though I don't know why MWB does not give you an option anymore to accept, ignore or block a file or website there on the spot. Thanks for you reply and help
  5. Dear Support I have a clean version of v3.3.1 installed yesterday (24/12/2017) & already I am getting MWB blocking 'exe' files which are scanned & clean. I have added the particular folder that holds this file in question to the exclusions, but it still blocks it from running & displays an IP address, which I know the site is fine, but I only need to install the app. Why doesn't MWB give us an option to either block or allow files and websites we know are fine ? I am fine with MWB detecting false positives, but its frustrating not to to be given an option. Regards
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