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  1. Just wanted to give all a head's up that as of right now MBAM is performing great on Windows 11 in the Dev Channel.
  2. The word is that this issue is fixed on Insider Build 20246 released today.
  3. That was fun. LOL Let's try this: https://we.tl/t-8th51hZ20M
  4. I hope I did this correctly. https://we.tl/t-eHwtzsIGfp
  5. You do not have to remove MBAM, all I did was Turn Off Web Protection and everything works fine.
  6. No, to all those things listed in the support article. This happened on 2 different PC's, a Desktop on Ethernet and a Laptop on Wifi. Once I rolled back to the last build it was fixed. Upgraded again and it was broken. Nothing was new except the build of Windows. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Windows 10 got build 20236 today and it broke Internet connection on 2 PC's. Rolled back to 20231 and it was fine. Upgraded to 20236 again and was broken, but this time gave me a tcpip.sys GSOD error. Searched for fixes and 1 of them was Antivirus. Opened Malwarebytes and turned off Protections and Internet came back. I narrowed it down to Web Protection only has to be off.
  8. Now oddly this is the version I have. I have had an issue lately that after updates come through Malwarebytes stops working.
  9. I had this exact same problem on my Laptop. It Installed and looped back to the 4.0. I finally went into Settings, About and clicked Check for Updates there. It updated that way without me doing anything else. Odd thing is that yesterday my Desktop PC got the Beta update with NO problem.
  10. On Windows 10 Insider 18990, updated MBAM 3.8 to 4.0 Beta with no problem.
  11. Just curious why if you have your Malwarebytes set to get Beta it isn't finding the new Beta 4.0?
  12. There has been some progress with the new 3.7 Beta. Now both Exploit and Malware Protections are On.
  13. Give Microsoft a chance. They and MBAM are aware of the problem. MS has escalated the issue and I'm sure MB has too. Just a head's up, MS phone Support does NOT handle Insider build issues.
  14. Something I just noticed in my MB Notifications and this was before I ran the grab. Screenshot attached
  15. Just a head's up that the original post applied to my Desktop PC. My laptop PC just finished getting Win 10 Insider build 18323 and the exact same thing has happened. mbst-grab-results.zip
  16. Windows 10 Insiders got a new build 18323 today and immediately MB popped a Turn Protections on notice. I opened MB and could not turn on the Protections on any of the screen or tabs. Exploit Protection was the only 1 on. I did a clean uninstall and download MB anew. Still the same issue. I did get a box that popped up that said "Malwarebytes is unable to load the AntiRootkit DDA driver. The error may be related to rootkit activity. We recommend rebooting so Malwarebytes can attempt to install the driver". I have rebooted and there was a scan in progress after the reboot. Nothing was found. Only thing new on this PC is the latest Insider build on Windows 10. Attached a screenshot.
  17. I have the Update Package Version 1.0.8539 and have had no freezes whatsoever. Curious what version of Windows you have running?
  18. Kudos to MBAM for getting the issue resolved in a reasonable amount of time. To all those that are complaining, how hard would it have been to End Task and then remove MBAM. That's what I did and then read about the issue and reinstalled.
  19. Just got it, but are there any release notes?
  20. Just curious why Beta News is showing a new version of MB, but it's not coming through on MB even checking for updates?
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