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  1. I had this exact same problem on my Laptop. It Installed and looped back to the 4.0. I finally went into Settings, About and clicked Check for Updates there. It updated that way without me doing anything else. Odd thing is that yesterday my Desktop PC got the Beta update with NO problem.
  2. On Windows 10 Insider 18990, updated MBAM 3.8 to 4.0 Beta with no problem.
  3. Just curious why if you have your Malwarebytes set to get Beta it isn't finding the new Beta 4.0?
  4. Soozy

    New 3.8

    The Malwarebytes Dashboard showed all 4 Protections enabled despite being in Free mode up until I rebooted my PC. Then the Protections were turned off. When I tried to Activate my License that's when I got the message about too many devices and fixed that issue.
  5. Soozy

    New 3.8

    Fixed the above. Apparently having to clean install Windows 10 showed too many devices. Deactivating them and then Activating the current 1 fixed the issue.
  6. Just got the new 3.8 Beta. All my protections are turned on and settings show Premium, but says Malwarebytes Free It also says Activate License.
  7. Have gotten this pop up several times a day. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. No, 3.6 had updated to 3.7 and I just finished getting Insider Build 18329.
  9. Cross your fingers, but right now with the new Insider Build 18329 ALL the Protections are ON.
  10. There has been some progress with the new 3.7 Beta. Now both Exploit and Malware Protections are On.
  11. With this new 3.7 there is some progress. Now both Exploit and Malware Protections are on.
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