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  1. Guys Sorry I' working away and will send you both sets of info by next weekend Tony
  2. Ok I’m happy to provide those logs. Just to be clear exactly how do you want me to get the info ? Do I run the support tool and then enable the security centre option to creat the error, or create the error first then run the support tool ? tony
  3. Well I used the first recommendation, and all that happened when it was re selected I got the error. Exactly the same following a re install. I really have 2 choices, ignore the error that only occurs once when security centre starts (But does show Malwearbytes correctly) or disable the action centre in Malwearbytes, which isn't a big deal either as the tray Icon would give a hint at any issues Tony
  4. Thanks I will give that suggestion a try and report back
  5. Since upgrading to 1809 Malwarebytes causes an application error “Security Centre” invalid caller ID. It then works normally. It seems Malwarebytes is not reporting correctly to the Windows security centre.
  6. Thanks for the link it’s appreciated. Do I need to uninstall or will this just overight and effectively rollback. Noted the requirements to stop it updating again. ( I have 2 other W7 systems that hadn’t updated so I turned the options off). The chrome extension you suggested is that covered on my Malwarebytes lifetime licence ? thanks for all the assistance on this forum tony
  7. I understand this is an issue that is waiting a resolution. Is it possible to roll back to the previous component version, and how, and does this need a compleate reinstall or can just the component version be rolled back.
  8. Thanks for the info. Does it get posted here when that happens as I wouldn’t normally keep checking version numbers
  9. Thanks. I will enable Malwarebytes again without web protection. I assume there is a fix being worked on. I don’t have any normal shutdown problems. Greatful for response.
  10. I have made comments in other threads. But so support can see another user with same issue my report W7 stable PC. Malwarebytes and Symantec Endpoint. Malwarebytes updated at some time this week to the quoted version. First “Freeze” Saturday keyboard and mouse and cursor locked. No response by waiting. Power cycle required. Nothing in logs, SFC/ scannow clean. First freeze was during a remote access to PC by VNC. 2nd “Freeze” today. Exactly the same was loading a web site, access went slowly eventually froze, requiring power cycle. Was going to consider hardware but came across posts in this forum. Have disabled Malwarebytes and just left Endpoint. No freeze yet, despite network / browser activity. Have not tried renable with protect off as perhaps not long enough to know it is Malwarebytes , although PC has had no other changes except for Rollup from MS this week. comments welcome
  11. I have this issue and it follows internet connectivity being very slow the the PC locks. I have disabled Malwearebytes ( I have endpoint as well ) until a fix / resolution is advised.
  12. I have this issue as well exactly as described. I have disabled Malwarebytes and will see if freezes stop.
  13. I have this problem also started yesterday I guess the update was applied. I’ve shutdown malware bytes as I have endpoint also. Seems s when there was network / web activity but quite random Will there be be a fix released please ?
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