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  1. A 22 page post on a forum, most of us have never used is not the optimal way to notify paying customers that you have discovered a bug in your new release. Fact is, most of us have trusted Malwarebytes for so many years now, that we may not have even considered it to be part of the problem as we each spent hours of our time today trying to troubleshoot system failures. I lost a day ... and the ripple effect of the people I interacted with who had to interact with me while I was frustrated with an unresolved technical problem is exponential. Truly the ripple effect of the pebble in the pond. I'll own it as a Zen teaching and put it in my pocket for next time. The irony of course is that I didn't ever figure the issue out on my own. I had a call from my 75 year old father who just got off a 45 minute phone call with tech support at Dell. And yes, as a CIO for 25 years myself, I feel embarrassed for how far off the bleeding edge of trouble shooting I have fallen since I left my career a decade ago. And I realize this is a long and pointless rant. But it's been a VERY long and in retrospect pointless day and I can't help but feel much of this could have been avoided by pushing out an email to your community. I'm turning off my auto-subscription tonight. And will have to consider how to proceed after I have a chance to mull over all of the after effects of today.
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