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  1. Many thanks! I'll take your suggestions and run with them, and post back when/if need be. You perform a terrific service here! Josh
  2. Good day! I'm a Malwarebytes user experiencing multiple BSoDs on my reasonably young Windows 7 desktop (Jan 2014). I've attached the reports from Perfmon and SysnativeFileCollection. I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Service Pack 1 It's a Dell XPS 8700, this Win7 is the originally-installed OS Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 12 GB installed memory DDR3 Dual channel 1600MHz (4GB x 2 + 2GB x 2) nVidia Geforce GT 635 1 GB DDR3 Motherboard: Dell OKWVT8 S/N ..CN722003B600HK. Version A02 System purchased January 2014 Any assistance would be most gratefully a
  3. Had a recurrent Malicious Website Blocked error that seemed to resist every effort to diagnose and fix. Had I taken my computer to the shop, this would've cost me a bundle and taken days. MrCharlie was endlessly patient and thorough, and we finally squashed the bug after two days. I would use him again in a heartbeat.

  4. I believe we have SUCCESS! Five minutes online and not a single error message yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you, MrCharlie. You have been a brick through this whole thing. Donation on the way, along with my extreme gratitude. Best regards, Josh
  5. Quick question, before I take the plunge: do I remove the OpenDNS from the computer *before* I change the router settings, or afterwards? Thank you, MrCharlie, for all your help. I certainly hope this does the trick!
  6. There are numbers in there a couple screens back (picture attached), but not when I select "Settings" from the pictured screen. I'm currently using the OpenDNS settings, though -- when I look at the Network settings in Control Panel.
  7. I can get into the router screen (attached), but there's no Time Zone function as described in the instructions. Poked around in the sub-menus a little and haven't found anything about it. I'm wondering if that particular part of the instructions is actually important or necessary.
  8. MrCharlie, Went through the whole process of flushing the DNS cache, resetting the modem, and rebooting, twice -- once with OpenDNS and, just for good measure, with the Google DNS. Still getting the error messages. Any suggestions? Thanks, as always, Josh
  9. Yes, I'm on a router w/Verizon FiOS, which seems to be a common theme! I've tried it with both the OpenDNS and Google settings, and rebooted and all, and still get the errors.
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