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  1. Just download the latest build from the website, I am pretty sure it is already a version that has the fix. Then update it from within the software. https://www.malwarebytes.com/ I deactivated then uninstalled MBAM3, then rebooted, reinstalled, re-activated then updated. So far all is working just fine here. As for your license, you *should* be ok, but if not, just email malwarebytes support and they will help you out.
  2. Hi all, I too got hit by the high memory issue with MBAM3. I finally figured out that it was a mbam issue after many program and pc crashes and freezes... Kudos for mbam staff getting a fix. Here is a suggestion: some sort of alerts for paid users? It could be via email (opt in), or even better, is it difficult to implement an alert notification system from within mbam3 itself? At the moment, I only get notifications regarding protection settings, or if malware is detected or blocked. Why not have a built in alert system, with actual popups on-screen, for critical issues like the memory issue we had today? The issue without notifications like this is what happened to me: I had the issue, and even with mbam3 updating itself automatically to a fixed version didn't fix it. I needed to disable stuff and then restart, but how was I to know to do all this? I only found out as I was about to put in a bug report here, only then to read about the issue and how to fix it. An inbuilt notification popup, such as "there is a critical issue with malwarebytes. Please upgrade to version XX.XX then turn off web protection, disable mbam in services.msc, then reboot". That way I could have saved a day of me thinking my computer or software had major issues. Good idea? Anyway, thanks for the fix. Cheers - Justin.
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