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  1. Thank you exile360, you've gone way beyond the normal "call of duty" so to speak, so thanks again. I did contact ExpressVPN support, and they are now aware that ExpressVPN seems to cause conflicts with Malwarebytes and causes freezing and high CPU usage. It remains to be seen if they will, or are able to address this issue. I have used ExpressVPN in the past (but not recently until last week), and didn't have any noticeable problems that I can recall before now. Anyway, thanks again for all your help.
  2. Hi exile360, just an update for you - it definitely seems like ExpressVPN was the culprit. Today, not a single freeze at all, whereas I normally got 3 or 4 in a day. So for whatever reason, the ExpressVPN installation was giving me the freezing. Thanks again for your time and help, it is much appreciated, and this thread may be considered solved. Thanks, Justin
  3. Yes, I think you/I are right. I did uninstall expressVPN a little while ago, and will reboot my windows machine, and see how it goes. I must thank you for your help, I probably should've suspected ExpressVPN was causing problems, as I only installed it about a week ago and it has only been the past week that I have had freezes and CPU maxxing out. Actually, salesman or not, thank you for the recommendation on the Malwarebytes Privacy. I checked out the link you gave, and the prices are quite reasonable. I might consider it for my VPN, as I trust Malwarebytes. ExpressVPN gives me very good speeds, but then they are not someone that I know I can trust (or not), whereas Malwarebytes is a trusted company to me if not most people. I might trial Malwarebytes and see how it goes. I will try and update you here after a while as to whether this issue is solved, although I suspect that uninstalling ExpressVPN will likely have done the trick. Thanks again. Justin
  4. Hi exile360, thank you very much for the rapid assessment. Actually, now that I think of it, these problems of freezing seemed to start about a week ago, when I first installed expressVPN. With avast, I have used it happily alongside malwarebyes, but noting that I don't use any of Avast's web / online scanners, I have only ever set up Avast as a file shield, I have always done this, and used Malwarebytes as protection at the browser / web level, and never had problems like this. But it may well be ExpressVPN causing the problems. I actually disabled all ExpressVPN services, and so as far as I could tell, nothing to do with ExpressVPN was active or running at all, but there must be something with it that is causing MBAM to use max CPU, and so I think I will uninstall ExpressVPN and see if that fixes the issue. Thank you. Justin
  5. Hi, thank you for the quick reply. I've attached the file here as requested. Thanks. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hi all, have been noticing that my Windows desktop is freezing, managed to catch the CPU usage at the end of the latest freeze and Malwarebytes was using almost all the CPU at this time. Please advise as to why this latest version of Malwarebytes (4.2.0) is causing my CPU to be maxxed out from time to time and for my desktop to freeze. Thank you.
  7. Just download the latest build from the website, I am pretty sure it is already a version that has the fix. Then update it from within the software. https://www.malwarebytes.com/ I deactivated then uninstalled MBAM3, then rebooted, reinstalled, re-activated then updated. So far all is working just fine here. As for your license, you *should* be ok, but if not, just email malwarebytes support and they will help you out.
  8. Hi all, I too got hit by the high memory issue with MBAM3. I finally figured out that it was a mbam issue after many program and pc crashes and freezes... Kudos for mbam staff getting a fix. Here is a suggestion: some sort of alerts for paid users? It could be via email (opt in), or even better, is it difficult to implement an alert notification system from within mbam3 itself? At the moment, I only get notifications regarding protection settings, or if malware is detected or blocked. Why not have a built in alert system, with actual popups on-screen, for critical issues like the memory issue we had today? The issue without notifications like this is what happened to me: I had the issue, and even with mbam3 updating itself automatically to a fixed version didn't fix it. I needed to disable stuff and then restart, but how was I to know to do all this? I only found out as I was about to put in a bug report here, only then to read about the issue and how to fix it. An inbuilt notification popup, such as "there is a critical issue with malwarebytes. Please upgrade to version XX.XX then turn off web protection, disable mbam in services.msc, then reboot". That way I could have saved a day of me thinking my computer or software had major issues. Good idea? Anyway, thanks for the fix. Cheers - Justin.
  9. The other issue is random loss of internet connectivity, at least at the level of my email client and my browser. Just for reference, I use Mailbird Pro for a desktop email client (gmail via IMAP), and Firefox Quantum 57 (57.0.4 as of now). For about a month it was looking like it was my broadband service provider (100Mbit optic fibre service), but today as I was having the other issues with mbam3, I again noticed loss of service. The loss of service is short lived (at most lasting a minute at a time, mostly less than this). It sometimes affects all loaded webpages (pages time out / cannot connect to server) or webpages partially load, with images and content failing to load, or sometimes it hits style sheet loading (css files) and so pages look like a webpage from the early 1990's, with only html rendered. When it happened today, I quickly shut down mbam3 and refreshed the page, and it came good straight away. Normally, when a page fails to load or load properly, it takes a minute before a refresh will make the page load again. It not only affects my browser, but remote images in my mail client also fail to load. However, I can ping any server from a command prompt no problems at all. I can do more testing at my end to see if I can reliably conclude it is mbam causing these temporary losses of connectivity at the email / browser level (eg I can turn off mbam all together for a day and see - I get the problem somewhat randomly anywhere from 1 to 5 times a day). I read in another thread in these forums that (for a firefox fix) it was suggested to turn off the "Enable self-protection module" in mbam3 settings - is this relevant advice to try? And if so, would this setting also impact my mail client, which doesn't need or even know about firefox at all. Ideas? Thanks.
  10. Ok thanks Porthos, will do. By the way, I stumbled upon another major issue that until today I thought was an issue with my broadband provider, but it is looking like MBAM. I don't want to start another topic so soon, but should I leave it until tomorrow, and maybe then open a new topic, or just edit this thread title?
  11. Thanks Porthos, I actually discovered this in another thread I was reading just now, at about the same time you replied, but thanks. Is it a new feature? I don't recall mbam3 manual scans maxxing out the CPU before. Anyway, is a good feature I guess, at least with an option to lower mbam's priority as well.. As for the other two issues, maybe it is just a one off, no harm done I guess, as the scan I did earlier showed nothing detected, and the issue of the real-time protection not turning on, it is working fine now, but worst case scenario is I can deactivate my license and reinstall mbam3 from scratch. That fixes a lot of things.. On a completely off-topic side note, I am finding the last few Windows 10 updates have been nightmarish.. I don't know how MS can expect everyone else (software developers and driver developers) to keep up.. I have had BSOD's trying to update every time, even had to go back to a clean install just to get update 1709 to take without Blue Screening, reverting and then trying to reinstall.. Anyway, enough of my rambling... Thanks for your help. Justin. Edit - was posting, didn't see your later reply. If it persists as an issue (i.e. if mbam3 reverts to free without reason or warning), I'll post back and take your advice and analyse further. I guess I was kinda hoping someone would say "oh yes, the 'reverting to free' problem. Yes we know about that. Do this."
  12. Hi all, running Mbam Premium version on Windows 10 Home version 1709 OS build 16299.125 64bit. Just now I decided to run an extra manual scan, and noticed that it was running in free mode, with all real-time ability obviously disabled. For how long? I have no idea. It could have been in free mode for weeks, I have no idea. But I had definitely entered my license details when I set up this particular Windows 10 partition instance, which was from memory 2 months ago, and was definitely running the paid, activated form last time I checked. That is concerning if, for whatever reason, mbam 3 decides to silently revert to a free version without warning. I've never seen this before, and so I've trusted mbam3 lately to be basically set and forget, until the paid version gives me any sort of notification, which means I don't interact with mbam3 at all unless I get notifications. But of course I wasn't getting any, as mbam3 slipped quietly out of its premium activated state and into free version. Also, two other issues. Upon reactivating mbam3, I decided to do a manual scan (as planned). Nothing detected at all, which is good, but the CPU hit was high, in excess of 70% CPU usage throughout. At 70% usage, that is enough to stall everything else on my machine, and makes it impractical to do anything other than the scan. Lastly, I had trouble turning on real-time web protection at first, but it seems to be sticking for now. This is just a general report of these issues. I am aware of all the other steps that I can take (logs etc) to give to tech support, but I'm tired right now, and so am just putting this up as a first step to see what everyone else says. Thanks - Justin
  13. Just for your info/help, I was having similar problems: and MBAM staff and I think that my BSOD's and farflt.sys might be coincidence as well.. I came to the conclusion like you that it may be a fault with the November Windows Feature Update. All my drivers are up-to-date, but who knows? The past two windows updates have given me problems. Hope that helps.
  14. Hi Bob, yes, it might well be just a coincidence - the 2 bugchecks that event viewer was able to catch were preceded both times by farflt.sys being registered a second or two before. Anyway, sorry if I have had you and MBAM devs barking up the wrong tree. Will let you know if I have further issues. Thanks again!
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