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  1. Thanks Tammy When the 199MB OEM SYSTEM partition had an ID of 17 (as a standard hidden NTFS partition) the detection occured on this the active partition. When I changed the ID to 12 and also set it as unhidden but with no drive letter, the system re-hid the partition upon a restart. Then a scan had no detection. If as has been discussed on other topics MBAM is set to detect unknown rootkits on hidden active partitions this could be related to the generic nature of the partition ID. As is ddn't occur on ID number 12. The machine was purchased as new by me from HP and had back ups and scree
  2. Sorry about the late reply, the forum has been down or I am unable to connect at all from my ISP virgin media in the UK. Just spoken to their tech support and they couldn't connect to your site also, I'm thinking they have DNS problems as earlier I had no upload at all only download. Now connecting via mobile tethering. I have 4G at about 60Mbps but the forums are taking a long time to load like it is dial up ;-) even when tethering, though at least i can connect unlike with the cable broadband the forums are totally offline. I Did another full scan with MBAM as I said and it completed as bei
  3. Many thanks for your swift reply TwinHeadedEagle. Please find attached TD S Skiller log, carried out exactly as per instruction. The scan was clean and found nothing. I did this earlier today before I had seen your reply as I was already familiar with the tool having used kaspersky and some of their tools previously. TDSSKiller. After my original posting and before your reply I had found another couple of posts in another section of the forum, false positives I think whereby another member posted about a similar detection Unknown.Rootkit.VBR. The problem
  4. I wonder if you could have a look at my topic here please. I have the same issue with the Unknown rootkit VBR detection. My system also has a hidden active partition with boot folder and BCD file that directs to the OS windows 7 partition. It's an HP Compaq and that is the standard way the system came from factory. I did make one of the primary partitions logical so as to split it for the OS and personal files but the active partition was always hidden and if I unhide it the system doesn't boot. https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/172463-unknownrootkitvbr-detected-by-malwarebyes-
  5. I just did a full scan of my other laptop with Malwarebytes Anti-malware and got the following detection "Unknown.Rootkit.VBR" "Physical Sector" "Master Boot Sector on Volume #0" As per the image below. The laptop is an HP Compaq running Windows 7 Professional (x64). It is fully updated with MS patches except for those related to the Windows 10 Upgrade & the associated telemetry updates. In addition I have used the group policy editor to stop the Windows 10 upgrade via Windows update as it had downloaded & tried several times to install Windows 10 even though I had not even rese
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