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  1. What illegal software? Is it Windows? I sent it to a friend to be fixed, and he got me this Windows.
  2. Hello, and thanks for the help. I've attached the 4 .txt files you asked me. RogueKiller asked me to upload a file to VirusTotal, to which I replied "Always". Yet again, thanks for the help. Addition.txt FRST.txt mbam.txt RogueKiller.txt
  3. Hello, So, today I went to see what my quarantine looked like, and I notice that there were 7 new files there, all of them under the name of Backdoor.Andromeda, which were caught 2 days ago. I don't recall a pop-up showing up when Malwarebytes detected it, and 2 of them are MBAM files. I haven't downloaded anything suspicious, as I always pass all my downloads through VirusTotal, but I did get a new keyboard 2 days ago. I did a quick scan and a scan with HitmanPro, but they all came clean. I'm currently doing a full system scan with Malwarebytes. However, my pc did bluescreen yesterday, but it seems to be due to my hard drive starting to bite the dust. Is this some kind of bug, or did I really get infected? Thanks in advance for the help
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