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  1. Certainly and I thank you. But I can assure you that OSA is not involved. I have indirectly collaborated in the development of the OSA build installed on my pc.
  2. There is no purpose to disable OSA. No blocking pop-ups from OSA when installing MBAE build 254. Not to mention, OSA has never blocked any MBAE builds to date. I also use an administrator account. There are no other software running in real time in my advanced security configuration. No AV, third party firewall ... etc
  3. MBAE 254 did not install: Registry keys that need to be deleted 2 times before successfully reinstalling build 186: Please perform the necessary tests in a non-English OS W.XP. I suspect this is important. TH.
  4. Compared to the previous build 235, the pop-up appears during installation. MBAE does not install even after re-boot. To reinstall the latest build that doesn't have this problem, 186, I am forced to remove some registry keys with CCleaner. Otherwise the pop-up also appears in version 186. OS Windows XP x32 F.S. FAT32
  5. Hi, I have not performed this test, also because the previous version and the previous versions of MBAE have never highlighted this error.
  6. When I start the browser this error appears: I press the button and the browser starts normally. OS Windows XP MBAE Premium
  7. Hi. You probably have a fast CPU. My CPU is an Intel Celeron M380. Who uses XP usually has a slow CPU.
  8. The system tray icon appears with excessive delay. The problem is not present in version 90 on Windows XP. Please check .
  9. My problems on Windows XP: 1) 2) No icon in the system tray. Downgraded to Uncheck the box to "Automatically upgrade to new versions". I added to the HOSTS file: data-cdn.mbamupdates.com
  10. Hi Arthi Thanks for your explanation. That protection has always been active, it was just curiosity.
  11. OK. But MBAE should intervene equally. Even more so if the protection is deactivated. Correct?
  12. Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP The test in the video below: http://sendvid.com/cj37rzkp I have a question. If "Disable Internet Explorer VB scripting" is active, there is intervention. If it is deactivated no. Why? TH.
  13. No. P.S. My regards to M.Giuliani (Eraser) if he always works in Malwarebytes.
  14. Correct behavior. MBAE ver 24: http://sendvid.com/7mpswm5s wrong behavior. MBAE ver 45: http://sendvid.com/imqiyme8
  15. Everything seems to work well. In my anti-exploit test there are significant problems. The exploit test tool used crashes. No Exploit block pop-ups. No Logs. The counter "Blocked exploits attempts" remains at 0. Please check. I reinstalled build 24.
  16. Hi Rsullinger, I do not think so for 2 reasons: 1) With Process Explorer you would see mbae.dll. 2) Rename the Exploit Test Tool (HPA3) as 7-zip/winrar/..............exe: https://www.hitmanpro.com/en-us/downloads.aspx The tests have failed. The conclusion is that there is no protection. Please check. TH.
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