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  1. Hello
    I have a problem


    With a program named "SpyShelter "


    When you stop the program from here





    When you turn off the button (red color)
    The program [Anti-Exploit ] will stop all the app on the menu
    Such as Java Firefox Microsft word .... etc

    If operating


    When the Play button (the green color there is not a problem)

    Another problem
    When you restart the process "explorer.exe"
    It does not appear in <taskber>
    It remains in operation
    And sometimes it does not work

    Note: second problem
    It has nothing to do with any program



    SpyShelter Premium 10.6.8

    windows 8.1 (64bit)

    Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit last one

    Thank you

  2. yes ,Staff

     i use mbae-test.exe

    Thank you very much for your answer


    But my brother
    What is the difference between menus
    Why in the "other list "is not where examination
    And the calculator works
    How do we know from the list of "the other" work?


    If I've a real process?
    The second thing
    It could make all applications protected?
    Any program that works automatically?
    I hope to add this option
    It will be good
    Where any unknown running process is automatic protection
    The program will be very cool
    thank you Again
    you are the best ;)
  3. Hey


    There is an error when you add an item in the list of "'Other'" protect it never does not work


    It was true, marked
    All options
    Never works
    After running the process does not protect
    As if empty
    But when I choose, for example, list of ""media""
    It works wonderfully and also any list
    Only list

    Tested by Test.exe


    Also I have a question
    You could make the program protects all windows processes?
    And sorry if it was incomprehensible
    Thank you
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