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  1. today me too after " sign out " " MBAE service taking too long to start win8.1 64bit
  2. Here's the answer After rebooting Returned works "Without your steps" and I follow your steps And also became works Possible Mistake comes fromWhen you sign out of the system anyway Thanks for help
  3. HI Today I got an error message When you run the program Only it works in process seconds and then comes the error message Malwarebytes anti-Exploit protection is not started the anti-Exploit process will be terminated win8.1/64bit Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.rar
  4. Hi ,Staff yes Exactly Thank you for The answer
  5. info: Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit https://www.dropbox.com/s/mjw3b5zur0y54k0/Malwarebytes%20Anti-Exploit.rar?dl=0 Thank you
  6. Hello I have a problem With a program named "SpyShelter " When you stop the program from here When you turn off the button (red color) The program [Anti-Exploit ] will stop all the app on the menu Such as Java Firefox Microsft word .... etc If operating When the Play button (the green color there is not a problem) Another problem When you restart the process "explorer.exe" It does not appear in <taskber> It remains in operation And sometimes it does not work Note: second problem It has nothing to do with any program SpyShelter Premium 10.6.8 windows 8.1 (64bit) Malwar
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