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  1. That's a forum, would like to see a form, similar to how SonicWall (use them for a bunch of our corporate offices and networks) lets you view the rating for a site ( https://cfssupport.sonicwall.com/Support/web/eng/newui/viewRating.jsp ) and also lets you submit a request to have the rating category changed ( https://cfssupport.sonicwall.com/Support/web/eng/newui/ratingReview.jsp ), though it's obviously a different product and concept...
  2. Thanks, wasn't sure how to narrow down the issue, hoping that will take care of it, though I'm still curious to understand how these things get blocked, and would love to see a public form where users could view why a site is blocked, and request removal... Appreciate the response and help!
  3. Hostname is still being blocked even with the new IP address on multiple machines, opened a ticket as well... Issue is that there's no easy way to see why an IP/URL was blocked, and to request it be re-reviewed, like when an IP is dynamic and assigned to a new client... Seems like it's an issue with something being blocked on the server end, but I have the logs from one machine, rather not upload them publicly, but I can send a link to download them, if that would help at all. Thanks!
  4. I recently replaced my modem, and got a new dynamic IP address from my ISP. I have a few servers on my network, running a few things I host locally (some used for services that a few remote devices connect to, most with Malwarebytes Premium running on them) and have hostnames that point to a dynamic DNS entry which gets updated when my IP address changes. When that IP address changed, Malwarebytes suddenly started blocking the anything trying to access the IP address, because of "Malware". It's definitely possible that the IP was used previously by someone who had a compromised
  5. Correct, I don't have a GUI to work with at this point... Trying to figure out how I can either force that component update to download, or just get something working to allow me to update from within a working GUI. Unless I can just install the latest regular download on top of the version I have installed? Thanks!
  6. Thanks, is there somewhere where I can download that beta (without having access to the GUI)?
  7. Running a personal machine on Server 2012 R2, like was mentioned in this thread.
  8. Been having the same issue, is there any way to force a component update from the command line (without having it try to open the actual interface, which still gets stuck and throws the error)? Tried a few things (mbam.exe /update and mbam.exe /runupdate) and both throw the same error... Thanks.
  9. It worked before, guess we'll have to stay on 3.1.2, thanks.
  10. Have a personal machine for a project that I have running Windows Server 2012 R2, and the latest update pops up an error that support for Server Operating Systems is only available in Malwarebytes Business products. This was never an issue earlier, and I have no reason to buy a business version of the software when it's not being used for business. Can this be fixed, so that the update can install? Thanks.
  11. Ran the MB-Clean tool, had to manually reinstall Mawarebytes afterwards because it wasn't downloading correctly, but once it was reinstalled and the Premium version activated, I'm again getting the same issue - anything trying to use Google shows this in Chrome: This site can’t be reached www.google.com’s server DNS address could not be found. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Haven't seen any BSOD's since upgrading, so hopefully that's better, but this issue with G
  12. Still have to run through the steps above, but seeing on multiple computers that after updating Malwarebytes to 3.1.2, which solved some other issues I was seeing with 3.0.6 (Word was freezing, etc) when I have K9 on the computer with the Malwarebytes Web Protection on, Chrome can't go to google.com, unless I restart the K9 service or turn the Web Protection option off. Going to do a clean install shortly to test, but just wanted to post this first...
  13. Tried that already last time, but will do again, thanks.
  14. Have to actually upgrade again and hope it doesn't BSOD long enough to get that, will try running that a bit later, but the BSOD is still showing the same bckd.sys file, and it should be relatively easy to reproduce, a friend had the same issue last night.
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