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  1. Hi, I posted my ticket last tuesday and did get the reply. Support has usually been prompt. I needed one of my license keys reset so that i could use the software on a new replacement computer. That is why i thought the response would be quick because it is a simple issue. Thanks. John Y
  2. Hi, i've been dedicated user of Malwarebytes for many years. I've opened a simple support ticket a few days ago and have gotten absolutely no response from tech support. I hope that this is just an accidental oversight and to get a response soon. If not, i won't be a happy customer...... Case # 1060134 John Y.
  3. Hi guys, I recommended Malwarebytes to a friend. He loves the program as it has helped him keep his system clean from malware. When the software to 1.45, he noticed that the program was not updating and scanning his system on a timely basis. Since he is not that computer savvy, he asked me for help. It turned out he didn't have any update or scan schedules setup. Once i setup those schedules, Malwarebytes updated itself and scanned normally from that point on. My friend now knows how to setup new schedules now if needed. After seeing this issue. I was thinking that default schedules should be added to the next version so that what happened to my friend or other new users doesn't happen again. That way, updating and scanning will occur regardless if the user sets up a schedule(s) or not. Thanks for great software. Keep up the great work guys!! John
  4. I'm definitely interested. This product has done well for me so far, and if i can help improve it, i'm all for it. John
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