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  1. I've done this and we will see. Since it was a very random intermittent thing I won't really know until it's been a couple of days and I haven't seen it. Thank you! It decided to scare me a little--after the restart, everything popped up at once and the window on top that I had to address before I could do anything else was "reinstall", to which I said yes, upon which it informed me that I had no internet. O_o Seconds later, it said, whoops, now you do. And then the entire conversation was over and it refused to have anything else to do with me, so I had to just come back onto the site and download it myself. Hmph. But it's in and updated now.
  2. I've had the program tell me it's stopped working twice now in the past two days. No idea what the circumstances were, seems random. I have not installed anything new nor updated my OS (I am still using Windows 7). The only significant interaction I've had with Malwarebytes recently was to quarantine a browser tracker.
  3. I waited a couple of days, enduring countless nag popups, to update because I was nervous after the last time when it started spewing scary messages until the patch. I decided it was best to let it settle in, check for any "ack this is broken" messages, and then install the new version. I installed the new version two hours ago, and now this scaring the heck out of me until I found this thread. My poor nerves!
  4. Same here. Says an update check is in progress, gets stuck on trying to restart realtime protection, etc. Terrifying, and we need more than an automated response or I'm going to start panicking, step up please.
  5. Hi, first-time subscriber here. I dumped Avast for MWB recently because Avast was spammy and bloated, and I've been mostly happy with MWB. I am using an elderly computer (about 8 years old) with Win XP and just due to that, I've had to disable Malicious Website Protection; it was being a resource hog and slowing things down. I'm fine with that, the rest of it works fine and if I really felt like I was going to be surfing somewhere dicey for some reason I would just turn it back on. What I am wanting to do is to tell the program that yes, I really *do* want it disabled. It can't wrap its head around the idea that someone would do that on purpose, and it keeps giving me an incredulous look and popping up to tell me that Malicious Website Protection is disabled and surely I didn't mean to do that. I would like a way to tell it to back off already as there is no need for it to pester me every session. Is there a setting I'm missing to disable the nagging?
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