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  1. Well if that's the case, I think we're done. Steam's browser is acting a bit strange, when I'm watching a video it sometimes totally stops and I need to close the tab and open it again to make it work, but I'll wait some time to see if Steam fixes it. Thanks a lot for helping me all this time.
  2. What I see is that I'm really paranoid with all this stuff, I thought I was clean quite before I opened this thread and then I did a full, scan with MBAM and it detected 5 PUMs at once, so I prefer to be completely sure always. Also, sorry for the tool removal thing.
  3. I sended you the logs to know if there was any tool left to remove. Anyways, you're probably right with the infection thing, I'll do a full scan with every anti-malware or anti-spyrare I have to be totally sure and for the things I got left (the old program files and a little thing with Nvidia drivers), I have a thread on the Adlice forum if I need any help with them
  4. I tried to find and delete all the files I remembered they existed, however I did a FRST scan to know if anything is missing, I'll attach the logs. Also, it's me or the logs are now shorter? If that's the case, how do I solve it? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. I did what you told me and it sort of work I think? It deleted the AdwCleaner folder I have (and the launcher I have in downloads) but the one I have in another folder with the rest of removal tools stills there, also, a lot more of tools are still there, I'll copy and paste the TXT file from Delfix. Also, if you can, could you tell me what tools are left to delete? Also, this is what I meant with the hidden files, this is the configuration I had during all the clean up, would that have affected the malware moval at some point? Here's the log. # DelFix v1.011 - Logfile created 22/10/2015 a
  6. The Steam browser is just there to use it while you're playing a game, is not an everyday use browser (unless you play a lot). And I think everything is left, Delfix didn't do anything because probably of what I did. Also, I just discovered a pair of days ago that when you told me to make every hidden file show, I just selected the 'Show hidden files and folders' option and I didn't unselect the 'Hide protected files' and 'Hide file extensions' options. I'm really sorry. Would that have affect the malware removal at any point?
  7. So, the MBAM problem with the icon got resolved without doing nothing, it wasn't the first time it happens to me actually, and it always gets solved by just waiting. Can you tell me which clean tools can't be removed manually, please? And if you're curious, this is the Steam browser, it's simple in style and functions, but I suposse it can get hijacked too.
  8. Sorry for double posting again... something went wrong while sending the message and I thought it didn't got send, so this happened, the same with the images.
  9. I need help with a pair of things more. First, you told me to reset all my browsers, but I didn't reset Steam's browser. I've searched some information and it uses WebKit and it seems I need to delete some folders, I'm not sure what folder though. Do you know how to reset Steam's browser? Also, for some reason after installing the new version of MBAM, the icon has dissapeared. I turned off the antivirus, closed all the programs and turned off my firewall, the only thing I didn't do is using the unistalling tool. Is this a normal visual error or not? I'll leave images showing the error. And tha
  10. I need help with a pair of things more. First, you told me to reset all my browsers, but I didn't reset Steam's browser. I've searched some information and it uses WebKit and it seems I need to delete some folders, I'm not sure what folders though. Do you know how to reset Steam's browser? Also, for some reasons after I installed the new version of MBAM (I desactivated the Firewall, closed all programs and turned off my Antivirus, but I didn't use the unistalling tool before installing the new version), the icon of the program doesn't show anymore, is this a normal visual error or not? I'll le
  11. Sorry I clicked by mistake a key and the message was sended unfinished. However, I restarted the PC and nothing got deleted, at least that's what seems, FRST stills there, Javara stills there and I think everything that showed on the log stills there. I can't send you the log, because I didn't know I messed it up and I didn't do it right, so I didn't save it. When I run the tool again, the log appears blank (I mean, it doesn't detect any programs installed). Is possible to delete all the programs I installed during the malware removal manually or I needed the tool?
  12. So, I used the Delfix tool (sorry that it took me so long) and it didn't do anything I think. I runned the program, and it detected some programs, however, I didn't read the intruction of rebooting the sistem and I runned the tool again, then I
  13. The system restoration thing, should I delete it as fast as possible because the infection could come back or I'll should just delete them to avoid using them in a future by mistake? Also, about the Java thing, I've heard something similar is happening with Flash, should I disable it on my browser too? And Delfix, I have Rkill, CCleaner, AdwCleaner, Malware Bytes Anti-Malware, Super Anti Spyware! and RogueKiller installed on my PC always, will that tool delete any of those programs? (I also have installed Microsoft Security Essentials, but I doubt that program deletes the only antivirus I have
  14. Alright, as far as now, the only weird things I've seen is that the volumes at the volume mixer have been reseted to default, and that the folder at #SharedObjects from Flash has changed name again, but the rest seems normal. Thanks a lot for assisting me all this time.
  15. For now I think it's running okay, although the Trojan I sended you image of has worried me a bit. Give me a pair of days to see if anything strange happens and if that's the case I'll tel you. Also, should I run a complete scan with all the antispyware I have to check if I detect any new infection now that you have more of less finished with this?
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