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  1. Thank you both for the information. I deactivated MBAM on the computer, rebooted, and changed the name on it. Then I opened MBAM (it had correctly reverted to the free version) and re-activated it. After a few hours, I went to MY Account on-line and selected Manage Devices. The PC was still showing the same name. Maybe, in time, the name will show correctly. If not, no biggie. Thanks again!
  2. I have a 3-user license for MBAM Premium and all are in use on my 3 PC's. I would like to change the name on one of the PC's but have some concerns about how my MBAM account will deal with this. Should it be no problem or will it appear as a 4th use of a 3-user license?
  3. Not sure if this should be cause for alarm but thought I'd ask.
  4. C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\mbamservice\Quarantine
  5. Thank you for pointing that out. Seems to have corrected that issue.
  6. May I ask how turning the context menu on is done? I recently upgraded to 3.4.4 and seeing the same thing.
  7. Check Settings > Protection Tab (scroll down a bit)
  8. Hopefully, that will continue to work for you. I have the latest version installed and continue to have the "Protection Layer Starting" issue. Re-installing the product solves the issue temporarily but, in my case, it returns after a few days. It's been like this for several months. Many others having this same issue.
  9. Doing some other installation work that required a reboot. It seems that all protection layers are working now. Will keep an eye on things and see if this changes. Malwarebytes Version: Component Package Version: 1.0.212 Update Version: 1.0.3005
  10. I'm guessing there's nothing else that can be done with this problem except wait for the developers to determine why this problem has reoccurred. Am I correct in that assumption? I do, however, appreciate the help that is being offered to myself and others.
  11. This issue with Protection Layers being off has been around for awhile now. There are many reports of different protection layers being off and users getting a "starting" message when trying to turn them on. I, along with many other users, are experiencing this. Most likely, you will be asked to supply logs and install the most current version. For me, this was a temporary fix as 24 hours later the issue returned. Hopefully, you will have a better result. Someone will most likely be along soon to provide instructions.
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