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  1. First, I know the official stance that mbam is not considered an AntiVirus and you should always have a standard antivirus program running alongside mbam. However, why is this the case? Here is my findings over the years: #1 Most antivirus programs slow the computer down. #2 There are some viruses that will get through pretty much any antivirus, free or paid, no matter what antivirus you have installed. #3 There are a LOT of viruses that will get through an antivirus undetected, but mbam will easily catch them #4 I have seen viruses that get past both the antivirus and get past mbam, but I have NEVER EVER seen a virus that is caught by an antivirus program but is NOT able to be caught by mbam. In other words, I have never seen a case where a regular antivirus provides protection that mbam was unable to provide. Mbam doesn't catch everything, but anything that can get past mbam will likely also get past your regular antivirus as well. So, why use an antivirus program? Other than slowing the computer down more, what will the antivirus program actually accomplish?
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