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  1. Tried this and although Chrome now opens, selecting 'settings' throws up the ROP warning again and closes Chrome.
  2. I've carried out the two fixes but to no avail. (And the suggestion that updating Flash Player works? - it doesn't for me) Have to continue with Firefox as now I have no access at all to Chrome. (In a previous post I'd only lost access to 'settings'
  3. I'm using the latest Flash Player Version 21,0,0,213 and I'm blocked completely from Chrome. At first I only lost access to 'settings' in chrome then a few days later no access to Chrome at all.
  4. Yesterday I needed to change one of the settings in Google Chrome and on clicking on 'customise and control Google Chrome' tab on the far right of the address bar Exploit popped up with a message that 'an exploit code has been blocked in Google Chrome (and plug-ins)'. On clicking OK on this message, Chrome immediately closes. I can use Chrome without accessing the 'change settings' tab but am concerned that there may be a problem hidden in the now inaccessible 'settings'
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