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  1. Hi pbust, I'm not on an ASUS, I'm on a Lenovo, unfortunately. Searched for the exe file, anyway, but nothing came up. I'm not sure what to do. I have uninstalled MBAE,rebooted, re-installed MBAE and rebooted and no luck. Only thinkg I can do is turn off MBAE protection ... which defeats the whole purpose ... R
  2. I have just been trying to use Firefox and MBAE tells me it has blocked it:- Protection Layer: Application Hardening Protection Technique: Exploit blocked by Anti-HeapSpray Enforcement File/Process Blocked: N/A Attacking URL: N/A Someone please help. I don't want to use IE!! BTW, I'm not sure what's going on with the Forum login but I couldn't get logged in and had to set up a new account. Not impressing me today, people.
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