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  1. Hi, I first want to point off this; because, I have a current open topic issue on this forum concerning my desktop, but it is a different issue for now for laptop for this topic of a malware blue screen, and they started at different times and different ways, just pointing that out if it gets brought up. Well the issue with my laptop now is that this pass Saturday night August 15th I was searching for a free version of dreamweaver cs6 and I downloaded a torrent, and after I downloaded; I immediately saw a whole bunch of pop ups come, and then I thought oh man I got a virus, but then it was late at night at 2am and I had to wake up early that morning on Sunday to go to church, so I shut down my computer and left it like that, then on Sunday night when I went back and turned on my computer it came to a blue screen and when I try to go to the homepage to go to the internet it was bringing me back to the blue screen with this number 1855-280-0768; which, I then called today and it seems that it is a scam because I check their website that they told me after they said that they will charge me $199 to fix it and then they will send me an invoice and then I will have to send them a check in the mail, so I check their website on scam adviser and saw by the ratings and the reviews that it is a scam here it is - http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/geekbase.us Also this laptop has had an Antivirus called Webroot, and this laptop has been my public college/business laptop that I use in college because I'm a college student, and I never have had a problem and it has been clean like new since I purchase it in August 2013, and it is a Core i7 computer. Well that is what happen, so how can we fix this; thanks before hand for this forum, don't know what I could without this forum's help that it provides.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having the issue now that whilie I'm surfing the internet I'm getting these audio ads that can't be stopped, and some play in specfic tabs that you have to go to and press on the X buttom to cancel them, and on top of that there are these box ads all around the webpages now. How can this malware be eliminated? Thanks
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