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  1. Hi everyone at malwarebytes i have been using malwarebytes since its conception , and frankly wont use anything else for that matter. Ive seen firsthand the steps that you guys have taken to improve an already quality product! And with a staff that has some of the better well known names in malware fighting i can see why ! Anyway good luck with the beta version as i will download it with time as the bugs are ironed out, rome wasnt built in a day! Thanx to all involved Regards Glenski p.s i dont post here often but have been a member for quite awhile.
  2. Hi Moogle Awesome update! No problems during update at least not here, Like the way the new Icons look, they look Professional to me .As ive stated before Malwarebytes always on top! Great Job! Regards Glenski
  3. Hi everyone. Loaded over previous version without any problems and all working well ! on top as always regards glenski
  4. BTW Ive been a member for awhile dont know where the new comes from lol! regards Glenski
  5. What can i say nothing but the best! regards Glenski
  6. Good job! always on top! Thanx from your fellow member Glenski
  7. Hi everyone! As you all probably know this is a false positive as i have also uploaded this file to virus total also! Also file is digitally signed too! relax regards glenski
  8. I use firefox 3.6.3 .although would recommend to sand box it if you know the config cheers Glenski
  9. awesome news all the way around! Congrats to all involved with malwarebytes and their developers. your fellow member. Regards: Glenski
  10. Great news ! Keep up the good work Guyz ! Your Fellow Member Glenski
  11. Hi everyone I am new here ! Just saying hello to everyone here ! No one has to tell me this product is good or i would not have joined this forum. Have been using this product for quite a few years now , and it has saved my but on more than one occasion ! Anyway if i could be of any help dont be afraid to ask . Regards , Glenski
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