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  1. Thanks for your replies. I guess waiting will have to be the course to take for now, thanks.
  2. Is command line installation supported on the new Malwarebytes v3 Premium edition? Uninstalled corporate edition and installed new version 3, been testing v3 now since release. Looking to make a batch script for easy install on 40 more clients. Any help or documentation would be greatly appreciated, didn't find none is the newest user guides.
  3. I can confirm this is happening on my computer also: Windows 7 x64 No other Anti-virus installed
  4. It looks like Malwarebytes 3 uses .json files for the scan and threat reports. Where are these .json files located on the hard drive? Thanks
  5. Right now my company is using the corporate edition of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version I have been wanting to write a script to process the log files, right now the log files are in a text file format. I see in the consumer version 2.0 they changed the log file format from text file to an XML file format. I would like to pursue making a script to process text files on the corporate edition, but need to know if Malwarebytes plans on sticking to the text file format, or is there a planned change in a near future version to switch to the XML format? Any input would be much appreciated, thanks.
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