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  1. My HP laptops browsers & Android Browsers got infected first . Chrome was badly hit by pop ups on almost every click. Any site redirects automatically to the URL starting from ad-type.google.com and then redirecting to Total Ad Performance.com. I cleaned all extensions from chrome, blocked pop ups, checked all necessary steps to stop these pop us, deleted cache cookies etc. , No useless software or toolbar. Added Ad Block Plus to Chrome,Scanned with Malware bytes & Avast Security. As of now i'm a bit relieved as less pop ups are coming but once in 5 min a pop up from Total ad performance comes and avast blocks it as Malware. But my android Xiaomi Mi3 is badly hit. Chrome ,mozilla , local native Browser ,UC Browser all are getting pop ups at every click. Finally i decided to factory reset my device (it took guts as i wasted 3 hours in backup and reinstalling) But still still still even after hard reset browsers had pop ups. Please suggest me what to do. Im really scared Thank you Sagar
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