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  1. On my computer, so I googled it to see what it is ( it's not in control panel so I couldn't uninstall) & google says it is a virus,neither my AV or malwarebytes removed it when I did scans, how can I get rid of it ? I have no idea where it came from,I have never heard of it .Thanks! I hope I am in the right place to ask this question........
  2. I just read it, very good & helpful, as I haven't been on any forums b4, maybe one at one time,so it was very informative .Thanks!
  3. I tried it one last time, & it worked! I did nothing different......I have no idea why it wouldn't before, but you did not confuse me, thanks again for your help! It was the Aliens..............
  4. I know the AV has nothing to do with it, I thought maybe it was interfering, this is frustrating, if I didn't want this program, i would give up. Thanks again......
  5. Yep, that's exactly what I'm doing, entering only the key code,& activate.. I don't have an ID , so no use to click that.I included the dashes. I'm going to watch my next 2 episodes of The Last Ship, I will be back tomorrow , probably in the afternoon as I have to go somewhere in the morning. Thank you!
  6. Entering the info should be as simple as just entering the key code, & that's what I'm doing, only the key code.This is crazy, I've had to enter key codes for my AV, etc. no problem.
  7. The only info I put in is my key code like this: 11111-22222-33333-44444.....that's all
  8. In the ID spot, didn't know where else to put it , I even closed my AV & nothing else was running, I put the key code in , the only thing separating the #'s are dashes, no hyphens, why are there no hyphens?
  9. Yes, only the dash between every 5 letters, etc of the code.It said copy & paste the address from the email, & I did that too.
  10. Yes, I watched the video, not sure about the 2nd question, no one to assist me, but I know I put the right key code in, there were no hyphens, if I don't reply later, I will continue here tomorrow. Thanks for your help again, couldn't believe it when it said " Please enter a valid key".
  11. Yes, yes, to all.....I have a key, & a reference #, no ID, I manually typed it in because after copying, there was no way to paste, there are no " 0 " or "O "in my #.,I did put the - ( dash )in it like it was sent to me.When I type the key in, it says, in the place to type " Activate", " Please enter correct Key # " that's all it says.
  12. And when I type in my key it says please enter correct key, & I am entering the correct key I'm cross-eyed from trying so long,help!
  13. Sorry about the double post, I'm having Firefox problems today, about ready to get rid of that too ! Have a good evening!
  14. Yes, I know what Malwarebytes is,that's why I installed it , & the trial already removed the malware I had. I will buy the premium before my trial runs out,& I will use the link you gave me I had Malwarebytes about 5 years ago, but didn't put it on my new computer, I will definitely keep it this time, I only used a trial before. I called PayPal , they refunded my $ , they don't know what happened , so they said. My computer guy said I needed webroot with the AV I have....to prevent spam, anyway, I removed it.I have a good AV. Thank you for the welcome, & all your help .Your dog is a cutie.
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