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  1. Strange, the server in question doesn't send mail. It appears that MB has a blind/blanket ban on the IP range in question. You'll see the Crissic submission in this same forum and him and I are on the same IP range. I ran maldet on the machine anyhow just to double check, even though I was sure it was a false positive, the results were as expected from the server-side: maldet(1738): {scan} signatures loaded: 10795 (8882 MD5 / 1913 HEX)maldet(1738): {scan} building file list for /srv/adserver, this might take awhile...maldet(1738): {scan} file list completed, found 7788 files...maldet(1738)
  2. It appears that malwarebytes is triggering a false positive on our ad-server, keepsthelightson.vpsboard.com . No malware has been detected and information regarding the warning as provided to me by a forum member is less than helpful.
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