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  1. It is a bit better , but it is still doing that. I try to go to a web site, it is no internet, then I reload or wait a couple minutes and there is internet - over and over and over. I have noticed if I unplug and re plug the Wifi router(I have a direct line to it, not using wifi for computer) it works better. Also something that may or may not be relevant: We have been doing Church on Sunday on a zoom call. And the last couple Sundays it has been what I call buffering all during the call. The preacher suddenly freezes on the video then goes re
  2. What is HP Connection Optimizer ? What happens when I uninstall it ? Will my computer still get internet ?
  3. Example: I am at Facebook scrolling and I cant scroll. Then: A pop up on the left side says * Your Computer is Offline * Then in a few minutes a pop up comes up in the same place *Your computer is Online* Then I can scroll again on Facebook. What can I do to start figuring this out ? I have a new hp computer with windows 10 I have a cable hooking my computer to my wifi router then a cable to my home box thing (Internet, phone, Tv etc) This computer can work ether with WiFi or a Cable and I am using a Cable
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