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  1. Microsoft Edge Updated to a new version and one of the pre selected questions it had was did I want Microsoft to know my browsing so it could better know what i like to see on news etc etc It said if I picked no that some things might not work right or be canceled or something bad But, I got the feeling it might be like someone standing behind you watching over your shoulder And with the WOKE culture we have now that might have a someone not liking it if you like fox news for example ? So, will it be bad ? Or a good thing ? Should I have that setting On or Off ?
  2. On my new computer I put Malwarebytes in, in had the free few days to work. Now it says free version. Yesterday the time went out Now, it will not open so I can see it (It had opened before the free trial time ran out) You can right click on the icon for scan that is on the computer screen I suppose it is scanning, you cant see it because it is not loading up. How can I get it to load so I can see it ? This is a new computer with Windows
  3. I have Ublock Origin can I use Malwarebytes Browser Guard at the same time or will they conflict ? I have UBlock Origin , WOT and Https everywhere. P.S. What other browser apps are a good idea
  4. I tried loading Malwarebytes Browser Guard with Zoe Alarm disabled It still did not work. I tried to run Malwarebytes Support Tool again and it is not loading up (At least so far ) I may just give up on Malwarebytes Browser Guard if it does not load
  5. I think I got it I dragged it over instead of clicking it mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Is that the file ? I clicked the zip file and that Txt file came up mbst-check-results[1].txt
  7. I uninstalled it Then used CCleaner to clean out all the cookies And restarted the system Re installed it When you click it the pop up where you put in the email comes up I put in the email Click the button and it just sits there Then you try clicking it again and it wants the email again I have also enabled and disabled it several times - and it does the same thing - wants the email
  8. I disabled / re enabled several times and removed and reinstalled several times It stays at the put in your email popup
  9. It goes in my Chrome Browser Then it wants my email address, I put in the email address and it just sits there. I try to click the blue * Let's Go button - and nothing happens
  10. I have Windows Vista Does the Browser Guard work on that version of Chrome ? Also I have Ublock Origin and also Disconnect on my Chrome Browser Can I use all three of those together ?
  11. On my cable bill I just got they charged me for the Moca Filter $ 8.55
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