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  1. The Suddenlink Tech said he had never seen anything like it before In My home network (On my computer that does not have WiFi a Windows Vista) it shoes a Suddenlink Arris DG1670A router in my Network There is not a Suddenlink Arris DG1670A router in my house. I have a Suddenlink Modem with a Phone connection. My home Network shows a Suddenlink Arris router in my Network and when I try to sign in to the WiFi Router that I bought at Walmart a AX1500 the log in page goes to the help page and when I try to sign into the AX1500 using the AX1500 IP Address it goes to the Arris Router Log in page. The Arris DG1670A (Wherever It is) is Broadcasting WI Fi Signals (Because you can see them in my house) When this First happened that I know of, I took out my Netgear WiFi Router and Bought the AX1500 WiFi router at Walmart and set the AX1500 up with new Passwords and everything. My Phones/Kindle etc are getting WiFi from it - I just cant get access to it as when I try it goes to the Arris DG1670A router Side note: The Suddenlink Modem with phone I have is also a Arris Brand And I see a small Netgear thing with 3 green lights it says Netgear MoCa Adapter I went to the Suddenlink Office and they are preplexed They keep saying it must be on my side, all I have on my side is a stand alone computer that does not accept WiFi only a hard line that goes to my Suddenlink Arris Moden and then to my AX1500 WiFi Router then to my Computer , I have a TIVO annd a Mini TIVO and ( a couple cellphone and a kindle plus a laptop that only uses WiFi (The WiFi from the AX1500 for the phones, kindle and laptop) So how is a WiFi Router not inside my house over powering my AX1500 router so it is in my Network with Steves Fire TV Stick ? And I can't get it out of my Network and the Suddenlink Techs don't know what to do ether - they say hire a computer tech to look at my computer I am thinking its not my system its what is coming in somehow
  2. I figured out where that router is, it is a Suddenlink router that my internet comes in on :) Now I need to figure out where * Steves Fire TV Stick is as I don't have a Fire TV stick
  3. Should I call Suddenlink ? What should I tell them is wrong ?
  4. I was trying to look up a file when I accidentally hit my Network Button. My Network on my computer came up It had * Steves Fire TV Stick in my Network. I don't have a Fire TV Stick So I try to look in my WiFi router to see what is going on. It does not let me in. So I freak out and Buy another Wi Fi router. It was working, and it showed a unknown device and was wanting a pin number for it. Anyway I just looked and after buying a AX 1500 Next Gin Wifi, I can not get into that Wi Fi to see what is going on. The Cable Company has a small Netgear thing with 3 green lights before I have my AX 1500 Next Gin Wi Fi plugged into it so I can get Wi Fi Anyway on my Network it shows a Arris DG 1670A router and it has a log in page - for the Arris router which I don't have That Arris DG 1670A router is NOT my router I dont know where that is The Wi Fi router I am using is AX1500 Next Gen Wi Fi 6 router that does not even show in my Network on my Computer (a Windows Vista computer) and when I try to go to the AX1500 Wi-Fi6 Link to sign into my Wi Fi router it says: Trying to configure the router ? It looks like you aren't contacted to your TP-link Network Is this Arris DG 1670A router a Hacker's Router ? Or Suddenlinks ? Note: we do have TIVo - Is the TIVo the Arris DG 1670A router ? I do have Suddenlink for Cable and Internet What should I do ? I don't have a Steves Fire TV Stick. Yet in my computer (Which does not use WiFi ) which has a line to my new WiFi router - does now not even know it is hooked to that new router and wont let me log into the new router, just like it would not let me log into the old router i took out a few days ago. When I click the router that shows up in my Network (On my Computer ) it says Network device is a Arris DG 1670A router and is not my New AX1500 Next Gen WiFi 6 router I am not getting WiFi through suddenlink , just Internet because Suddenlink charges a monthly fee for thier WiFi so I bought a WiFi router at Walmart ( AX1500 Next Gin WiFi 6 router) The Router that I took out a few days ago was a Netgear - it was doing the same thing. How can I get into my New Router ? What is going on ?
  5. I was not sure what Forum category to put my question in so I put it here. I have a script blocker on my browser ( UBlock Origin) And when I go to Outlook (Hotmail) it Blocks about a Thousand Scripts or so. Outlook does not send them all at once, it just keeps sending scripts and they just keep adding up as being blocked. My question is * Should I turn Off the Script Blocker for Outlook and let the scripts in ? OR Just keep Blocking them ? Does it just keep sending more and more scripts because they are blocked ? Right at this moment it says 400 then 401 and on and on until I look and it says 1K I don't think it goes over a few thousand scripts that are blocked
  6. I loaded up Outlook for my Hotmail Email and it loaded and looked like what you see when you are looking for files on your computer, All my emails I had received looked like a file folder thing that you could click on. On the very bottom of the page it said * Outlook Connected to Windows Microsoft Exchange that is what I remember it said. That has never ever happened before. I don't even know what Microsoft Exchange Is. I closed out Outlook and called a Computer Fixer place and the person said that it may have been on Microsoft Outlook's side and not on my side. He said that Outlook may have been doing something with thier Server when I signed in or something. So, I Re-Started Outlook and it is back like it should be. I thought I would check her to be on the safe side, if anyone here has seen that happen ? I don't want my email account shared out to someone in Nigeria or something
  7. My Old WIFI Router was a Belkin and when I was searching google for a solution in the first search a suggested search term from google was * How to hack Belkin . Monday, should I call the cable company have have them come out and climb the telephone pole and check if someone has hard wired in to my cable/internet ? What settings should I have in my computer so that if they get in to my network they can not steal my data or hack my system. And how far does the Belkin WIFI signal go (From a old belkin) so I can figure out who was doing that with that XBoxone ?
  8. I got a new WiFi Router at Walmart It is working And there is no longer XBoxOne in my computer !
  9. I will go get a new wireless router from Walmart, as I don't know how to change the password
  10. I have a cable router and it goes to a Regular Router with WiFi The Regular Router has a network name and password. It broadcasts WIFI and has hard lines going to my Computer and Phone and TV etc My computer is not using the WIFI it is using a line direct to the Router and a line goes to the Cable Router. (Using the Routers name and Password) Why would my computer show a XBox in my Network when it only has my Computer then to my Router then to the Cable router. If a XBox was stealing WIFI from me how could it want to get my Media Files from my Computer , when my Computer is not using WIFI it is using a hard line to the router. And the Network in my Computer only has My Computer and no XBOX plugged into my Computer. It seems to be acting like a XBox is plugged into my Computer How can I delete that XBox inside my Compute's Internet Network ? What settings should I set so it cant get anything from my Computer ?
  11. I saw a message on my Computer that was asking if I would allow or share my Media Files with XBoxOne. I clicked No I don't have a XBox and there is no XBox hooked to my computer. I looked in my Computers Network, It shows besides my Computer and Router that XBoxOne is in there. Like I said I don't have a XBox. I have Windows Vista. I tried to delete this XBoxone from my Computers Network, but the Delete is grayed out, so I can;'t click delete. It does have a Install button , which I (Of course) did not click. In my Network it show a Router and my Computer and XBoxone Is someone hacking my Computer with a XBox? How do I remove that from my Network ? P.S. I ran a scan with malwarebytes and it shows no threat and I also scanned with adwcleaner and no threats.
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