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  1. It let me check my passwords just now and one I changed said security breach again, so I changed it again
  2. So anyway, yesterday i get home from work (10-10-20) and need to do my computer stuff and turn on computer ( HP Windows 10 new computer - well under a year old), and it is running slow not loading my scanner , so I hit restart and it just sets there restarting, so i go run a errand at the store. Come back and still restarting so long story short - i unplug it and plug back in and it starts up. I open googles chrome and a *Pop Up* shows up Security Breach , you need to change a bunch of passwords ! Not being very trusting of Pop Ups I do a search (Using
  3. I make designs at Cafepress while putting in a design and fixing to start sizing a design on tshirts etc this came up : I deleted the tab and went back and it did it again. I went to the main page(Cafepress) like I just got there and it did not do that. Here is what it said: Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from members.cafepress.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Help improve security on the web for everyone by sending URLs of some pages you v
  4. I wonder if it is staticie lines or something > I am on internet and rain storm started , I saw lightning flash outside and it did it again ! I opened a tab and it said * No Internet - then a few seconds later it let me load page. How can I figure out if it is static ? Popping up here and there ?
  5. Every so often my new HP computer with windows 10 says no internet (When it has internet) for a moment, then I see briefly Downloading Proxy Script. What got me more concerned, I went to eBay where I had ordered something(Dog Tick Stuff) and everything working correctly but when I opened a page to see if the seller had shipped my item - that page said * No Internet (All the rest of my tabs had internet.) Then it showed it saying * Downloading Proxy Script * Then that Tab worked correctly So, It says No Internet Briefly Randomly , usually when first start up -
  6. I put the Add On Don't add custom search engines on Chrome Then went to Youtube Then went to favorite authors blog Yaaah Chrome did not put those in as Other Search Engines , so I did not have to delete them πŸ™‚ Now I can do a happy dance as that saves 2 or 3 minutes of my time- every single day πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ
  7. I found that Don't add custom search engines and started to install it but a pop up said that that it (The add on) can read and change all my data on the web sites that I visit. I did not like it able to read and change my data so I did not get that. Thank You though on the information
  8. Why does Chrome keep adding search engines ? Every day before I turn off my computer, I have to go in and delete the extra search engines in google chrome. Example: I go to youtube to watch a video - chrome adds youtube as a search engine. I go to a author I likes blog - chrome adds the blog as a search engine. I could go on all day. I feel like when I have had computer issues in the past part of it my have been a search engine being added. So , like I said before I turn off my computer I have to delete all the extra search engines that
  9. Microsoft Edge Updated to a new version and one of the pre selected questions it had was did I want Microsoft to know my browsing so it could better know what i like to see on news etc etc It said if I picked no that some things might not work right or be canceled or something bad But, I got the feeling it might be like someone standing behind you watching over your shoulder And with the WOKE culture we have now that might have a someone not liking it if you like fox news for example ? So, will it be bad ? Or a good thing ? Should I hav
  10. On my new computer I put Malwarebytes in, in had the free few days to work. Now it says free version. Yesterday the time went out Now, it will not open so I can see it (It had opened before the free trial time ran out) You can right click on the icon for scan that is on the computer screen I suppose it is scanning, you cant see it because it is not loading up. How can I get it to load so I can see it ? This is a new computer with Windows
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