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  1. Similar here. On win 7 X64 laptop, clean install after initially working fine then on one restart the Malware layer failed to start and was stuck on starting when prompted manually. I set MB3 to start self protection early and seems to have fixed it. This had also fixed previous versions layers failing to start but it was usually web protection which didn't start.
  2. I clean installed "mb3-setup-consumer-" on win 10X64 PC and Win 7X64 laptop. The new beta has fixed the BSOD when on the web with both Chrome or IE (Win 10) and has fixed the IP blocking so now on both machines the correct block page appears. Memory usage for mbamservice is 374 MB down from 380 for the win 7 and 320 MB in win10 down from 580MB for a test build.
  3. The install file name when following the link is "mb3-setup-consumer-" so I would bet on it that the component version should be 1.0.96 as you suggested
  4. I am using a NetGear wifi adapter and have had BSOD problems with several V3 builds and latest 1.0.75 version as well. I am testing a new beta build which has fixed the BSOD issues and a few other things like incontext file scanning. So hopefully this will translate to a more stable release soon??
  5. After uninstalling , using mb-clean, reinstalling, a succesion of mb 3 versions back to last years December version and then back to mbam 2.XXX all with the same result "If you are able to reach this page it means that IP protection is disabled on your machine." I thought that was odd as 2.XX web protection always worked perfectly. So I reinstalled the latest CU 1.0.75. Meanwhile also ran ccleaner plus a shut down for internet explorer via task manager and now when visiting I get the "has blocked a potentially malicious website" and "website blocked notification."! Not sure what has changed to make the difference. but still when visiting http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ with IE get the This is a big improvement over the "IP protection is disabled on your machine" warning when Mb 3 said the web protection was on. I hope that the DNS issue will be fixed.
  6. Exactly my experience.
  7. @wordsworthI have exactly the same issue logged a week ago here with version 3.0.6 CU 1.0.75 on Win 10 x64. I had to revert to the previous version to stop BSOD or turn off web protection. The snag with 1.0.69 is the ip protection does not function correctly. Hopefully the memory.dmp files I uploaded will help the Mbam team to pinpoint the problem. To rub salt into the wound the laptop (win 7) also has problems with the latest mbam and I am waiting for a response to my post for that - no functioning web protection at all with IE now- . Gets a bit wearisome with uninstalling and reinstalling many times on both machines. I have decided to turn off updating on another win 7 laptop still running mbam2! I cant believe that two computers have serious issues but am hoping that these issues will be fixed sooner than later. I have used earlier versions of mbam and anti exploit for many years without a problem.
  8. Hi @Jekko, Sorry for delay but in different time zones and been otherwise occupied. Here are the logs you asked for . Now when I browse to either http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ or via IE , I see "If you are able to reach this page it means that IP protection is disabled on your machine." Yet MBAM reports all protections are on. When I visit http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ with Chrome I get the message you mentioned "This site cannot be reached etc" When I visit using Chrome I get the correct blocked message. MB-CheckResult.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Hi @bdubrow I have 3 copied memory.dmp files if needed, all around 800Mb.
  10. If I visit http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ using Chrome a DNS error and page cannot be displayed message. Visiting via Chrome , I see "Malwarebytes has blocked a potentially malicious website."
  11. I checked the mbam logs and there are many more now so have attached MBAMSERVICE.LOG.zip
  12. Hi @bdubrow Have had some strange goings on today with MBAM 3 /1.0.75. Initially when I booted up and checked "Can you confirm that the DNS error still occurs if you close out the first tab and try navigating to https://iptest.malwarebytes.org ? " I received the DNS error. The I tried to undo the web protection but it did not. Then the interface wouldn't open from the task bar, then suddenly a program malwarebytes assist popped up. Then the icon disappeared from the task bar. I reinstalled mbam and then appeared okay with all protections on. Now if I visit http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ using IE I get "If you are able to reach this page it means that IP protection is disabled on your machine". When visiting via IE , I see " If you are able to reach this page it means that IP protection is disabled on your machine" as well most times. A few times I got the message but also a small warning that the web site has been blocked also. attached file as requested. MBAMSERVICE.zip
  13. Hi @Acrobaze Thanks for suggestion, uninstalled, rebooted, used the mb-clean tool , rebooted, installed , rebooted - but hasn't solved the issue. I even flushed the dns cache with no results.
  14. With mbam beta on the win 7 x64 laptop. The DNS error is still occurring when visiting the iptest site. If I visit http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ using IE I get a DNS error and page cannot be displayed message. Visiting via IE , I see "Malwarebytes has blocked a potentially malicious website." It seemed like a seamless install over the previous beta version and all protections are on and all buttons are responsive on the interface.
  15. Extra info: The BSODS were "Bad pool Header" errors. Have 3 memory.dmp files but way too large to add here. Here are some logs which may or may not be useful. I have now uninstalled version 1.0.75 and gone back to 1.0.69 everything works except the DNS error but I'll live with that. MB-CheckResult.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt MBAM Service log.zip