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  1. Thanks @pbust or @respinoza for further clarification about the mb-clean tool What do I need to know before running mb-clean.exe? Warning: although it automatically backs up and injects the license key, it's recommend you backup or obtain the licensing information before running the tool in order to restore paid version Warning: we also recommend deactivating the product before running the tool. Refer to the links under "Helpful Resources" for detailed instructions If there is a chance that a licence is not deactivated correctly, by the mb-clean tool as seems to be suggested, why is this hidden? How many folks would read all the way through to discover this rider in a hidden section?
  2. Agree. With Win 10 - every time I run the mbae test a popup dialogue appears as per @clower_element .
  3. May I suggest that the wording in the Malwarebytes mb-clean tool post is amended to include the word "deactivate" in the following "A prompt with an option to clean up the system will appear: Yes - will proceed with deactivating and backing up the license key (Malwarebytes 3.x only) and initiating the cleanup process No - will exit the utility"
  4. Thanks to all for clarifying that mb-clean does deactivate the licences etc. That is good news and is a really handy and useful functionality. When I read that it will "automatically backup Malwarebytes licence key" I thought it would simply copy the key and not deactivate.
  5. @respinoza in the post /Posted February 28 (edited) does the mb-clean tool deactivate the licence? From my reading of your post mb-clean only saves the licence info and then reactivates the licence. If it does not deactivate then it would be important to add that instruction in your post.
  6. After reinstalling MB3 again the IP protection is blocking in IE. Will see for how long this time.
  7. I have also been wondering about the "outbound" description when websites are blocked. AFAIK all the website blocking (usually when visiting the IP test site) I have ever had with MBAM and now MB3 have always been outbound but usually the file is the browser currently being used. I've seen this on all my PC's.
  8. Thanks for your reply @dcollins. I'll reinstall one more time and if problem still persists or re-emerges I'll stick with Chrome on that laptop.
  9. Thanks @Firefox and I seem to have had a similar experience to what you describe. I had also previously reinstalled several times using the above steps, even rebooting after deactivating before running mb-clean which fixed all issues for 5 days till the IP block problem reoccurred. The Malwarebytes protection layer turning off issue is still fixed so some progress has been made. The other two PCs have no issues with the latest version, or with IE either. I'll give it one more reinstall.
  10. Thanks @dcollins for your reply. Yes when I open in private browsing in Internet Explorer the pages are blocked correctly. Good to hear that it is being worked on. Am I correct in assuming it is wise not to use IE till this is sorted or is IP protection really working in IE but just not correctly being reported?
  11. MBM 3 latest version component package 1.0.96 on Toshiba win 7 pro SP 1 laptop has been running without a problem for about a week. Then without warning today on bootup a message appeared that the “Mbamtray.exe had failed to start. " or words to that effect. I investigated using task manager and Malwarebytes tray application was running! Strange! The UI indicated everything was running and all protection layers were turned on. But I followed up by visiting the IP check site with IE and to my annoyance the old problem "If you are able to reach this page it means that IP protection is disabled on your machine." It had previously been working as it should the last week. I thought that was behind us. Thinking a restart would sort it out but even after restarting numerous times the IP protection isn't working on IE. Works okay with Chrome. Have not had another warning about mbamtray. MB-CheckResult.txt MBAMSERVICE (2).zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. @XBarbarian I believe @Aura has the answer to your problem as follows in another post Posted February 14 · Report post @phil2pa, open Malwarebytes, then go to the Settings tab followed by Scan Schedule. From there, click on the Add button in the bottom-right corner, and click on the Advanced button in the bottom-left corner. From there, you can check Scan for Rootkits. Or it is possible to edit an existing scheduled scan and simply enable the scan for rootkits always in that scheduled scan. Go to settings, then scan schedule, tick the existing scan schedule you wish to change, which activates the edit button for that scan, click on the edit button, then advanced and an option similar to above appears. Activate scan for rootkits and then Okay. Then whenever that scan is run it will scan for rootkits.
  13. @JamesReadman I noticed from your log that you have the CU3 version 1.0.75 which is known for blue screens on some computers. I had that problem also until I installed the latest CU4 1.0.96 version which has fixed the BSOD for me. Please follow the advice given by @Firefox in the 1.56 am post. It has links to various files and the latest CU4 version. See how that goes for you.
  14. Similar here. On win 7 X64 laptop, clean install after initially working fine then on one restart the Malware layer failed to start and was stuck on starting when prompted manually. I set MB3 to start self protection early and seems to have fixed it. This had also fixed previous versions layers failing to start but it was usually web protection which didn't start.
  15. I clean installed "mb3-setup-consumer-" on win 10X64 PC and Win 7X64 laptop. The new beta has fixed the BSOD when on the web with both Chrome or IE (Win 10) and has fixed the IP blocking so now on both machines the correct block page appears. Memory usage for mbamservice is 374 MB down from 380 for the win 7 and 320 MB in win10 down from 580MB for a test build.