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  1. Hi @AdvancedSetup Thanks for your advice. As it turns out what I did was not disable IPv6 on the system, but unbind it from the network adapter. I just turned IPvb6 back on for the adapter and Malwarebytes functions normally. Did that for a second machine and Malwarebytes works normally. Who knows what the issue was ... could be the IP server or recent unknown upgrade to router software???
  2. I found that disabling IPv6 on my machines did the trick. Now able to update successfully...
  3. Thanks Porthos, I have all exclusions for Avast and have Avast web protection off. Another affected machine does not have Avast installed. Changing fast startup does not help. Changing to google DNS also did not help...
  4. When I try to manually update Malwarebytes on all three of my PCs I get message "Unable to contact licence server. Check network settings or contact administrator to help. " Without manually requesting an update I receive no message. Definitions are not updating since yesterday... I can access the web and all other functionality of Malwarebyres seems okay. Is this a broader issue?
  5. I have just upgraded a laptop with a new SSD. To successfully complete the install from a hybrid drive it was necessary to completely reinstall the OS. Thus all the exclusions I had added to MAlwarebytes are lost. Is there a short cut to add them back from another PC running same OS ? For example manually copy and paste a file from the config folder? C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\config I only want to "import" the exclusions.
  6. Many thanks exile360. I followed the advice and functionality has been restored. I have updated to the latest component package version 1.0.976 I thought as much that it must have been a false positive.
  7. While saving an xlsx file Malwarebytes suddenly reported detecting ransomware and has removed access to excel entirely. It reports ransomware was detected and quarantined. I can no longer use excel. The file quarantined was Excel 2013.Ink What can I do to return functionality of Excel. How can I check if it is a false positive.
  8. BillH99999 It only pauses the update for the days selected. So after the selected days the updates download. I checked when I received updates with a 6 in the box, All updates were received but 6 days after the release. I thought manual checking for updates might over ride that but it didn't.
  9. I had exactly the same problem, Tried to manually update win 10 v 1903 and it said up to date. I knew that was not he case. I checked the advanced options in the update window. Scroll down to the bottom where it says "A quality update includes security improvements . It can be deferred for this many days" Change the drop down box to 0 and go back and recheck for updates manually . If it's like mine it will find the update immediately. I had overlooked that. Must have delayed the updates when feature update 1903 happened.
  10. @LAVA Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.508 was released on December 7th. The Tensforums article you linked described issues back in November before the offending CU update had been released to the general public so would appear to be unrelated. However I agree with @abs7125 and @mkaz that it does appear likely to be more widespread than they could know. When a computer freezes and needs a hard reboot or is simply powered off normally how is that sort of data differentiated?
  11. Ever since Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.508 was released on December 7th there has been a steady stream of users complaining of frozen systems , crashing or slow systems attributable to that specific CU update . Malwarebytes is aware of the issue which they are trying to fix. As the update propagates more systems are being affected. That said the folks at MB insist that only a minor percentage of machines are affected. I have taken the step of preventing the Component package updating to the 508 version and have none of the above problems on either the win 7 x64 or Win X x64. If you sti
  12. It isn't OS specific. This laptop is running Win 7 and has a similar error report. It is described as APPCRASH . The crash is not very obvious as occurs on shutdown so easy for many users to be unaware. Win 7 does have the action center flagging the error and offering "checking for solutions". I imagine that would be fruitless exercise anyway.
  13. No problem at all. You are wise to be careful and if in doubt check.
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