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  1. MBAM3 prevented upgrade to CCleaner

    @Metallica yes good news and I believe it only affected 32bit systems - mine 64X. Malwarebytes CP 1.0.188
  2. MBAM3 prevented upgrade to CCleaner

    @Metallica my CCleaner version is the latest 5.34 and I had not installed 5.33 at any stage- fortunately by what your article suggests. Also at no stage of installing CC 5.34 did MB3 or Avast (with hardened mode aggressive) raise any flags or warnings.
  3. (Win10 Pro 1703) Whilst attempting to upgrade manually to the latest version of CCleaner I received the message "error writing file to C: /........../ccleaner64" and a few options for what to do none of which was successful. Remembering that mbamservice had locked files for opening Procmon64 recently( in the temp folder) I used Process explorer and searched for a handle related to ccleaner64.exe and mbamservice was locking it. I used Procexplorer to close the handle with mbamservice and was then able to upgrade. Had not had this before. This is now the second time a known legitimate process has been locked by Malwarebytes and usual functionality prevented from working. Is this a known problem?
  4. This sounds similar to a problem I had today. I just spent hours trying to figure out why sysinternals Procmon wasn't running. Got the message "Unable to extract 64-bitimage. Run Process Monitor from a writeable directory." Eventually found that the temp file that Procmon uses was locked by Malwarebytes. Rebooting the computer did not fix the locked file. Using Process explorer was able to close the handle. Procmon ran normally after that.
  5. beta 2 - FP's

    Version beta 2 is finding 34 Fps related to Spyware Blaster. AdwareCleaner removes the protections that SpywareBlaster puts in place. AdwCleaner[S60].txt
  6. V database update issues

    To @fr33tux, the beta version 2 is running and updating the database successfully on both the win 10 PC and win 7 laptop now so well done!.
  7. V database update issues

    Thank you @fr33tux When running Version on Win 7 laptop for the first run of the day today the programme immediately says "updating database" but it really does not successfully do so. Running programme again immediately it will report "checking database" and then followed by "updating database" and it then correctly uses the more recent database.
  8. V database update issues

    Further to topic: I find that sometimes beta doesn't update database correctly especially if it warns that the programme is out of date and after declining the subsequent run will provide an earlier database. However a further subsequent run will often then update the database correctly. Still a hit or miss matter but more often than not the most recent database is being used in the beta AdwCleaner_Debug.log
  9. V database update issues

    Have checked again and the beta version seems to be updating the data base correctly but only if version isn't run also. Somehow running affects how the beta updates subsequent to that.
  10. V database update issues

    Have not been able to get Adwcleaner to update to the latest database. However when I run latest Beta Version as per Step 1 # AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Fri Aug 04 06:02:44 2017 # Updated on 2017/29/08 by Malwarebytes # Database: 07-31-2017.1 # Running on Windows 10 Pro (X64) # Mode: scan Then if I run version afterwards as per this - the latest data base is used. Step 2 # AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Fri Aug 04 06:04:08 2017 # Updated on 2017/05/08 by Malwarebytes # Database: 08-03-2017.1 # Running on Windows 10 Pro (X64) # Mode: scan Running AGAIN gives this. NOT the latest data base. This is reproducible Step 3 # AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Fri Aug 04 06:13:49 2017 # Updated on 2017/05/08 by Malwarebytes # Database: 07-31-2017.1 # Running on Windows 10 Pro (X64) # Mode: scan Adwcleaner will not use latest database till the sequence steps 1 followed by step 2 is performed This is very strange and seems to indicate a problem with the programme. AdwCleaner_Debug.log
  11. V database update issues

    Using Chrome and following the link I get this
  12. V database update issues

    This what I get when following the link
  13. V database update issues

    Thanks MKDB but I only have option of run or save the file "latest.json" when follow the link. Cannot open or run the file with any programme I have. How did you get what you have?
  14. V database update issues

    With both the Win 10 PC and Win 7 laptop I get a file "latest.json"
  15. V database update issues

    Still same number of FPS. Not the latest database still. # AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Tue Jul 25 06:33:33 2017 # Updated on 2017/05/08 by Malwarebytes # Database: 07-16-2017.1 # Running on Windows 7 Professional (X64) # Mode: scan # Support: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support AdwCleaner_Debug.log