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  1. hello there.. may i know why this file: github.com/downloads/prof7bit/TorChat/torchat-windows- is detected as "Riskware.tor"? isn't it a tool to chat annoymously with? or something else happened to it that made it harmful?
  2. Hello.. these following sites: https://up.top4top.net/ https://top4top.net/ are for a popular file uploading service in the middle east.. would you please find a solution instead of blocking them completely and asking users to exclude them(which is risky)? or is it truly harmful and we should advise against using it? Thanks for reading and your help in-advanced..
  3. Indeed it was a version issue! after re-downloading and installing, it is no longer detected! everything seems to be fine now, Thanks alot for your help.
  4. Thanks alot for your fast reply! Textify 2nd time(same files).rar 2nd log.txt
  5. Thanks alot for your help! sadly, for some unknown reason, it is still being detected using hyper scan.. even after updating to the latest update available.. :/
  6. Downloaded from: http://rammichael.com/textify detection log and program files are attached.. is it F/p? fp.txt Textify.rar
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