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  1. i looked up bsod and maybe it is not bsod in this case. my problem is that there is a blue screen with a movable cursor and i cannot do anything at all
  2. i looked at the BSOD posting instructions and I'm confused if I am supposed to run the program on the device with BSOD or with the device I'm currently using. My laptop has had the BSOD for a week now and still don't know how to fix it. Would appreciate it if someone can help. Windows 7 HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (still a laptop) Model: dv7-317nr i do not have a recovery start up disc
  3. sorry for the long wait. i am on windows 10, desktop, HP not sure the model sorry, i do not have a startup repair disk, and i do not install media
  4. im getting the bsod error after restarting my computer. I know there are bsod posting intructions but i cannot do it because how am i supposed to install/run the stuff when i cant even access my computer?
  5. when trying 2 start up my computer it gives me a blue screen saying http://www.reviversoft.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/WDF_VIOLATION.jpg(its a picture). i had a problem a few weeks ago with a black screen and someone helped me fix it from this forum. So i was wondering if anyone can help me. am i infected? if so how can i remove malware because i cannot enter my computer to open malwarebytes. Help is needed, thank you.
  6. i have a problem, i restarted my computer, well my mom did, and we already upgraded to windows 10 and were getting an error. Heres a picture of the error http://www.reviversoft.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/WDF_VIOLATION.jpg Would you know how 2 fix this?
  7. Yes! Thank You so much! I will donate $10 next week when our check comes in. Thanks again to
  8. I ran malware again and got 2 malware, I removed it and restarted then ran frst fix, my computer it behaving very well now
  9. i couldnt attack the CCS SUPPORT because its a folder, i cant attach folders only files. thank you for waiting Fixlog.txt JRT.txt malwarebytesscanlog.txt
  10. ok, my computer now works with the internet im currently doing a malware scan, ill attach all the files as soon as possible
  11. i wasnt able to perform a scan with malwarebytes and i didnt not continue on. The computer is connected to my modem but the internet isnt work, its working for other devices like my laptop, phone, etc. I tried doing wired and wireless. was this sup[posed to happen or should i contact my internet provider
  12. It works! Here is the attachment you asked for, ok so now it works should i do a malware scan again? if so, im scared restarting after they remove malware will make it all black screen Fixlog.txt
  13. Im sorry but i cant do any of this. i cant access my computers dekstop i cant install anything or run anything because of the black screen. i only can use command prompt through f8 and a usb
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