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  1. I'm unsure of any DNS issues after the latest update, but I did have the MWAC.sys blue screen a handful of times. It has yet to occur again for a handful of days now, but I do not believe I changed anything manually after it occurred. Currently on the 1.0.889 component package.
  2. Glad to hear, will do. If it ends up being more problematic still, please advise and I'll try to find the time to collect logs. Thank you again!
  3. Adding these, along with all of the other previously mentioned exclusions, appears to have resolved the issue. The colored bar at the bottom of iTunes displays each category and its corresponding data amount appropriately, rather than the one singular yellow bar indicating all contents of the device are "other."
  4. This seems to have resolved the issue with some extensions, however, the iTunes backup and sync issue persists with Ransonware protection still enabled.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. This same issue also seems to prevent proper syncing with iTunes and iOS devices for syncing/backups, just to add that to the list of what I have noticed to be impacted. I can live with turning off Ransomware protection for now. I think.
  6. Thank you very much for the confirmation. Took me a little to figure out what was going on. Is there a certain aspect of MBAM that's causing this? I'd prefer not to downgrade or totally turn it off, is there any element that can be disabled to prevent this? Is there anything on the 1Pass or Roboform side that can be done to resolve the issue, or is this exclusively on the MBAM side? Beta is beta, but this has to be impacting a signifant number of users. Thanks again for the update.
  7. Pretty much the same issue with 1Password in any Chromium based browser.
  8. I wanted to mention that I had this happen for me as well. I've used O&O software for years, and as far as I understood, they are a reputable company. Very curious as to what qualifies their programs as being in the PUP category all of a sudden.
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