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  1. I am not packing with any 3rd party, just visual studio compulation to exe. My program is already ready for publish but i am not publishing because of the false positive. I am going to add features daily and republish everyday. Will i have to contact your every day to whitelist my new compilation?
  2. Hi, This is quite annoying. Your ML algo. requires some tuning, i wrote a simple prog (1000 lines) in c# winforms that reads files, calculates stuff, writes report files - no internet connections and no low level file access. MBAM shows : MachineLearning/Anomalous94/95 I tried to sign it as you advised and still have the problem. I don't want to sign it though. I uploaded it to virustotal and nothing was found by any AV prog (but my own purchased MBAM does detect this) Please help, i don't want to go through this MBAM forum process each time i add a new feature
  3. I have the same problem too I have premium and the yellow real-time protection turned off pop up on the bottom right keeps showing and when you click 'turn on' or try to turn it doesn't do anything and just pops up again and again. This is annoying for a software i payed for. Can't you just have an update that fixes this problem ? Do you know the actual problem ? (collisions with some other defending s/w ?) I saw many manual steps of cleaning and reinstalling in this thread but didn't see an explanation for the cause of this problem. You help please ...
  4. Had this problem too on win 7. I am a premium user. Tried all solutions above - only MPE's solution worked ! Thanks MPE
  5. Hi, I was just about to upgrade my free mbam to pro when i saw this problem too. For some reason you tied the update functionality to the scan in a way that scan can not be performed without update. When your update server has problems then people can't scan which is really bad. can you please untie these functionalities or at least provide a timeout of like 10 seconds that if the update server is not available it will still perform a scan ? Thanks ! (promise i will upgrade if this is done )
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