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  1. I installed both Malware bytes & anti exploit premium on a new build. There was no problem activating Malwarebytes license however as usual the buggy anti exploit hangs and buffers when I try to activate the license/key. After about 5 minutes the pop up says invalid lic/key. I uninstalled a new install, same thing. This is a fresh install of windows10 home premium, 64 bit and the only other security program I've installed is windows defender. Other then the os there isn't much installed on this machine yet. FF was installed. The free version on anti-exploit does boot up and opera
  2. getting alerts for FF only but log shows exploit in FF and IE 11. Disable program and launch browsers first then launch anti exploit and no alerts or exploits are noted.
  3. same thing with FF, and IE 11 in windows 7 64 bit. Occurred with the recent update.
  4. After rebooting yesterday anti exploit operated properly. I did not remove it and re install it, I didn't change a thing. Today upon booting I received the op pop up once again and couldn't open FF or IE. Even though it said the exploit was in FF, it won't open IE either. I turned off my paid pro anti exploit and the browsers are working. I will check the program to see if I can manually install any more updates, over auto updates. Then I wait to see if the updated version works. Generally I like the program but since using it I now have 6 exploits caught. Thankfully they were all fa
  5. I installed the update last night for pro version. Upon boot up this morning I received the same exploit on firefox. I couldn't open ff or IE. I did a system restore and have the browsers back but anti exploit is gone.
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