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  1. Dear Thank you for your swift reply. I personaly would prefer to downgrade to Windows 7, but it raises some additional questions: - Where do I find a (free) licence - not corrupt of course People tell me it's availble on the net.. - Can I downgrade, because I have a standard Windows 8.1 version (free) - How do I downgrade? - Will it solve all the issues, or will I still have to upgrade some drivers? Txs in advance Gunther
  2. Hi I performed the steps as explained, except, I receive an error message when trying to launch perfmon/report. Message "The operator/user has declined your request". In attach I already include de ZIP file. Hopefully you can help Note: My issue is that every time I work on my PC, a blue screen appears with the message. "Windows has detected an error... etc. DCP_Watchdog Violation" I'm no IT specialist, so I hope you can help anyway Br GuntherSysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
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