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  1. Yes, that would be helpful. Thanks! I noticed that two basic repair actions are checked by default: 1. Delete tracing keys 2. Reset Winsock I am guessing that "Delete tracing keys" does some sort of registry cleaning, as "keys" seems to imply registry keys? I Googled "Reset Winsock" and got a few answers. It seems that command will remove any providers not included in "winsock,dll" by default, so you may need to install some things like USB network connections if you run that.
  2. On v7.2.7.0 now, and still no detailed explanation for what these basic repair actions do. The help icons (?) in the settings page only opens the manual. The available repair actions are listed in the manual, but provide only a terse description for each. There is no help regarding what/when/where/why to use them.
  3. If you run an AV like Avast, Avira, or Bitdefender on a modern PC, you are not likely to 'feel' any impact of running an AV. Those tools are real-time file scanners that will scan any file you access, so there is some system overhead, but most are likely to be better performers than Defender. Real-time anti-exploit measures such as MalwareBytes, or HitmanPro.Alert, use different mitigation and risk reduction methods that don't necessarily eat as much CPU time. So it is more likely that your choice of primary AV (and the PC hardware) that determines your overall performance.
  4. I believe your best defense is a good imaging program. The AV and anti-malware programs are useful to alerting you to an infection. But once you know you have been compromised, the best course of action is to wipe and re-image the PC, or perform a clean re-install if you don't have a recent system image. In the last company I worked for the IT team did not mess around with trying to clean infected PCs. They immediately wiped and re-imaged the PC with the standard company issued image. All of the user profiles including current docs were kept on servers, so the downtime and interruption is much less with this method than trying to disinfect a PC. And there is never a way to be sure that you are completely clean afterwards, short of nuking your hard drive.
  5. Yup. That is why I laugh when somebody claims that all they run is Windows Defender...
  6. I will agree that in theory the Malwarebytes team has some advanced technology that may not be readily tested with current methodologies. But unfortunately, the naysayers may be getting the upper hand lately due to the poor "optics" regarding the reluctance of the team to participate and shed these doubts. I would think that making this happen should become a priority effort from the executive offices down to the front line.
  7. Well that MRG report confirmed my thoughts on Avira, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky being the best 1st line defense against malware. I use Avira. I also feel better knowing that I use HitmanPro as a 2nd line layered defense scanner, in addition to Malwarebytes and Zemana.
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