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  1. Thank you daledoc1 for replying. I had thought I had a bit of malware. However this morning the ISP announced via a pop-up that they had DOWNLOADED a new and improved software update, which means MORE CRAP. That it took about a WEEK to download suggests it might quite big. So the internet going constantly has now ended. The day I had attempted to download the newest MBAM I successfully downloaded the Anti-Exploit. So what, do you think, could have caused that MBAM download to A. Not look like all the previous downloads of the last few years, and B. the Windows trying to force me to have T
  2. Something I thought I should mention: The odd thing I had failed to mention in my original post is that in the PROCESSES section of the Task Manager, today I saw, and these may not be relevant, a "Host" for my printer, which, upon occasion, checks for "updates" and for which, to my knowledge there is no way to stop. This was no longer there on my next opening of Task Mgr. Then my ISP Had 2, new to me, processes, today, the properties for one said it was 2014, the other would not show its properties. The one that did show was CONNECTIVITY SERVICE, which I had not seen before and I look at the P
  3. I've been having the last week or so the UNCOMFORTABLE problem of having something either downloading or uploading from my computer. On Dial-Up it is easy for me to notice when something is going on, and with everything closed, save my ISP, there is a CONSTANT streaming. So when MBAM updated it self to the latest version I thought perhaps something went amiss and today downloaded TWICE the new version after uninstalling the previous, which HAD been updated to the latest through an update. Well when I did a restore point the DOWNLOAD disappeared! So a second time I did it and with dial-up this
  4. I did a search for the forum and what came up appeared to be unrelated. I did find this: "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware does not currently support non-Windows OS platform, such as Apple devices or any forms of Linux." link I believe that was from January of this year. With Windows 10 being a privacy nightmare as well as using people's bandwidth and so forth I was thinking of, when a new computer will be purchased of getting Ubuntu as the OS. However MBAM is SUCH an outstanding system that I would very much feel UNprotected without it. If it is not available currently for Ubuntu is there
  5. Spam Hunters, Thank you! I was just concerned that something was wrong. I have the FREE version. Not by choice but by financial state, same reason I have dial-up. You know I tell everyone about MBAM I tell them try the free version and see how it goes THEN upgrade to PREMIUM because then you can pretty much sit back and relax. I have to tell you that MBAM is the best out there, there is really no competition. IN closing I want to say there was this big hack of TARGET department stores in the USA last year and the firm Target had hired to do their security and so forth with POS and that st
  6. I have MBAM version: I have dial-up so am used to Database updates taking 43 minutes with this version I believe I had that length of time on the first few updates. However the last several updates have taken a minute or less. After it does it shows the latest Database Version. So my question is this: Are the updates for MBAM really that much smaller or is there an issue with the new version I have? I would be most happy if it is a matter of smaller updates. Thanking you in advance, Patrick
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