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    Can't update

    You can always go here and get the MCT, to create an ISO and mount it in File Explorer and run setup.exe: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10/
  2. CliffS


    You're welcome
  3. CliffS


    Also the documentation page might need to get updated, but the selection meanings remain the same: https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/pages/5-en-adwcleaner-documentation/
  4. The new UI looks great, and now it matches MB3 giving it the Malwarebytes "look" I also like the new setting tab and the switches By the way, the I noticed now it scans extremely FAST
  5. Thank you Jerome, aka fr33tux, for all your(and your team's?) hard work on keeping us protected from those internet nasties(adware, PUPs, toolbars, and hijackers) that want to get on our systems.. This year I personally had not one single false positive, but thankfully only a a few "nasties" that surprised me that I got. Also thanks for telling us what's coming up next year, I can't wait to see the improvements. Just so you know(in case you don't already) I have a thread over at tenforums informing our members when there is a new update: https://www.tenforums.com/antivirus-firewalls-system-security/67383-malwarebytes-acquires-adwcleaner.html I wish you Happy Holiday's, CliffS
  6. CliffS


    I see MBAE is updated to on the download page. Will there be any update announcements, with changelog, now we are into 1.10? I let people know over at tenforums when there is one, but personally, I'm waiting to see how well the auto updater in MBAE itself is working
  7. CliffS


    I see they opened up the free version so the Free users can test more thoroughly(politely said) Now the "nagging" should stop By the way, on my systems, the install went well. And so far no problems with Edge(thought I would mention it, even though I haven't had any problems in a loooong time now, but this is a major version upgrade(1.9 to 1.10).
  8. CliffS


    Are you on version 1.10? On the About tab, License ID say's Beta version now:
  9. CliffS

    System Powers On for Half a Second

    have you checked all cable seating(specially the ones connected to the PSU, and if at all possible try another PSU(borrow a friends)), also if you have a discrete GPU, try disconnecting it, and using the CPU's Integrated graphics, to see if the GPU is causing problems at boot, as PCIe talks directly to the CPU.
  10. CliffS

    System Powers On for Half a Second

    Do you have a CMOS Reset button or pins that you can short out on your motherboard? You have a K SKU I see, and if you have a bad overclock, or the CMOS, or your BIOS/UEFI profile got corrupted, a reset to all defaults of your currently installed BIOS version might help. This happened to me after I tried pushing my 6700K to the limit, using one single core, hyperthreading turned off, to reduce heat(I use fans, not water), and could validate 5.18986 GHz in CPU-Z. The system booted into Windows still, but for the life of me, I could not get back into BIOS to revert back to my normal/daily 4.9GHz with all cores and HT on. A CMOS reset helped, I thought I was bricked though, until I remembered to try this
  11. CliffS

    Malwarebytes Wallpapers

    Thanks Dashke, these are real nice, I have added them to my Malwarebytes wallpapers-theme folder
  12. CliffS

    How to Cancel Notifications

    Hi 41149512O welcome to Malwarebytes. go to the settings tab and unselect system tray tooltips:
  13. Experimental Build installed and working great on Windows 10 Insider build 14986.1001 and Current Branch 14393.576. I had no problems with any browser loading immediately after install( I always just upgrade over the old MBAE build by the way).
  14. CliffS

    Experimental Build

    Yeah I meant 1297 and caught it after I posted. Luckily, I made the time limit to edit the post You posted while I was making the changes, but thanks for informing in case I hadn't caught it.
  15. CliffS

    Happy New Year from East Yorkshire

    Happy New Year from Bamberg Germany
  16. CliffS


    MBAE alpha build is working very well for me on all four of my Windows 10 systems, one of which is insider build 14986.1001, the other three current build 14393.576. Just a small tip for those using Edge: If Edge freezes, or crashes, right after installing a new beta, on top of the old, try rebooting Windows and retry opening it. I'm beginning to think, that, because even if Edge is closed, it is deeply hooked into Windows and some components/APIs might be in use, so the WinSxS folder cannot be updated until a restart(PendingFileRenameOperations). This happens once in a while to me, but not often, that's why I think it might be a background quirk. This is just an educated guess, from install other software in the past, but I am far from an expert, just a lowly Windows geek
  17. CliffS

    Merry Christmas to You All......

    Merry Christmas to all the Malwarebyters Darth Santa might be a little late today, he had to squash a Elf rebellion at the Hoth Pole last night. Here is a photo I took:
  18. CliffS

    Malwarebytes Wallpapers

    Thank you, I'm happy you like it
  19. CliffS

    Malwarebytes Wallpapers

    Ok time for a new one with the release of Malwarebytes 3.0
  20. CliffS

    False version number

    You're both welcome
  21. Hi, I just noticed that the version number shown here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/ is wrong as it shows Version 6.030, but when you click the download button and get sent to ToolsLib for the download, it says 6.040. I just thought I might mention it
  22. Experimental Build running well on Windows 10 Insider Build 14971.1000, no Edge crashing. Now that Microsoft has added an epub reader to Edge, I wanted to see if MBAE would say "Hey what's this!", so I went and looked at an epub version of Deployment guide for SharePoint Server 2010 here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/B/F/3BF70FE5-83FD-4A26-AC19-EBF94EE312E5/Deployment-guide-for-Microsoft-SharePoint-Server-2010.epub and MBAE excepted the new "toy" no problem/no blocks.
  23. I just installed it on my insider preview, and MBAE build 1254 is also working well, on the new Windows 10 Insider build 14965.1001, and with Edge, so it seems what ever the bug was earlier on(a while back) has been totally fixed. Just for additional information, in Edged the only extensions I use are Translator and AdBlock(all my favorite trusted sites are of course whitelisted, and I allow some ads so the people get paid, I mention this in case someone else has a problem with Edge and can compare)
  24. CliffS

    Experimental Build

    You're welcome, I like testing each beta on the newest insider build, as both are what's going to be the consumer versions eventually. On Ten Forums, a couple of members there, also said the betas are working better than the current consumer version, on their insider machines too.

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