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  1. I just booted one of my PCs(from 5) I hadn't used in a few months, to update the system. I opened AdwCleaner and was offered to download the newest version.👍 It worked great and placed the new version next to the one I had opened and I only needed to close the old version and delete it. Nice how it placed the download in the Security Tools folder where I keep things like this, and not to the Downloads folder where I would need to go there and cut & paste. I had not seen the updater in action yet, as I always get the new version before it's added to the updater, in the forum here😀
  2. I had it too, but deleted it in the registry and in C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Internet Explorer by hand. IE11 is a PUP in itself
  3. Everyone who had MBAE already installed, and Fast Startup in Windows turned off, probably never noticed, as it updates at the next cold boot, or restart automatically. It open on boot to show that it was updated, and you only nee to minimize it back to systray.
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