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  1. Dear Malwarebytes, Does MBAE protect un-patch Windows with vulnerability (MS17-010)? If yes, starting with what version of MBAE does the protection included? Thanks.
  2. I'm just curious of why when installing the new builds, some computer will asked to restart and some don't?
  3. Hi Ron, Build 1398 seems to fixed the issue. May I know what is the technical reason that caused the issue? Also, when can the new build Auto-Update to all clients? Thanks.
  4. As of 1:10 PM, the new build 1398 is looking very promising. Will update again at the end of the day. Thanks.
  5. Hi Ron, I was instructed to do a dump of Internet Explorer, but technically Internet Explorer doesn't crash to get a dump (or I'm doing something wrong?). The command I used was: procdump -e 1 -f * -x c:\dumps "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" All I get was "Dump count not reached". Thanks.
  6. Hi Ron, Attached you will find the FRST logs you are looking for. Thanks. FRST.zip
  7. Dear Malwarebytes, I would like to report a critical issue with MBAE and Internet Explorer 11 with the latest updates. Internet Explorer 11 will randomly freezes when launched. Please see attached screenshot for reference. Thanks.
  8. Dear Malwarebytes, We would like to report a false positive with the latest version of MBAE ( with the HP Scanning application. Exploit was blocked when scanning. We are running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit in a Domain environment. Please look at attached logs file. Thanks. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  9. Dear Malwarebytes, Certainly a false-positive. We just want Malwarebytes to be aware that 6 Antivirus companies are flagging this mbae-test.exe utility as malware. Antiy-AVL: Trojan/Win32.AGeneric: 20170211 ClamAV: Win.Trojan.MSShellcode-8: 20170210 NANO-Antivirus: Trojan.Win32.Diple.dcofey: 20170210 Rising: HackTool.Swrort!1.6477-rObNe05sDiS (cloud): 20170210 Symantec: Trojan.Gen.8: 20170210 Zillya: Trojan.Diple.Win32.77771: 20170210 Thanks.
  10. Dear 1PW, I didn't need technical help. All I wanted to know is if that version is available for business/corporate yet. Thanks.
  11. Dear Malwarebytes, Is Anti-Exploit 1.09 Build 1235 available for Business/Corporate yet? Thanks.
  12. Dear Malwarebytes, What was the changes in build 2572? Thanks.
  13. To help anyone with the same question as I am. I found out that MBAE will only Auto Update to releases version displayed here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/releasehistory/business/#mbaeb2
  14. As of today, MBAE on clients are still at When will it auto update to build 1196? Thanks.
  15. Dear Rsullinger, I just want to make sure we are running the latest version. Just like antivirus, we want up to date as much as possible. Thanks.
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