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  1. Hi, We can try again, but we believed we have tried these in the past but not working. How about the Windows 10 Store version? What to exclude? Both the Windows 10 Store and Standalone versions are affected as well. Thanks.
  2. Dear Malwarebytes, What is the current status? What is the ETA of this fix? Thanks.
  3. Dear Malwarebytes, We would like to report a bug with Anti-Ransomware that is preventing iTunes (latest version as of this post) from doing a Back Up Now and Restore Backup. Both buttons are greyed out. Please see attached screenshot. Disabling Anti-Ransomware and iTunes will work again. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks.
  4. We just got an official email statement directly from Malwarebytes: "On December 11, 2019 it was identified that an internal update to our license management system resulted in Malwarebytes Management Console incorrectly indicating that licenses were expired for some customers." Thanks.
  5. Dear Malwarebytes, The other day suddenly both our servers hosting MMC suddenly lost all licenses info. It reverted back to Un-licensed status. We re-entered the key/code info and everything seems ok now. No changes at all on our side. Just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks.
  6. Dear Malwarebytes, How much longer until you guys have the fix for the bugs? It's been a very long time and starting to being ridiculous. Thanks.
  7. Hi tetonbob, Thanks for the clarification. I confirmed that the issue is resolved with the new version. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Hi tetonbob, Our Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware came from the Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, not standalone. Also what screenshot are you referring to? Currently I'm looking at my version which is (See screenshot). Thanks.
  9. Dear Dheeraj, We are using Malwarebytes Endpoint Security. Not standalone. Thanks.
  10. Thank you tetonbob, I'll wait for a status update on this case. Appreciate your help.
  11. Dear tetonbob, In our environment, the FP is 100% of the time on all of our machines. The installation failed 100% of the time. Our workaround is to temporarily disabled the protection before running the update. Waiting for your status update. Thanks.
  12. Dear Malwarebytes, As of today 09/18/2019 at 5:57 PM, the issue is still present. Make sure you guys tested by updating to build 1903 using the Update Assistant and not via Windows Updates. Thanks.
  13. exile360, I no longer have the file because I cleared it out before receiving your reply here. You can easily obtain the file by just upgrading from build 1809 to 1903 using the Upgrade Assistant. Thanks.
  14. Dear Malwarebytes, When manually upgrading from Win 10 Pro Build 1809 to Build 1903 we got this false positive. Please see screenshot. Thanks.
  15. BLucas, Thanks for the help but unfortunately that will not work. After a while you will see the bugs again, especially if you have a lot of clients. I'm not sure about your environment but the bugs still present in our environment. Thanks.
  16. exile360, I noticed that Outlook created 2 I.E. processes and when you closed Outlook, the processes are still there. When you launch Outlook again it will create another 2 processes. You can just kept adding more to the list as long as you close and open Outlook. Seems buggy to me. Thanks.
  17. Thank you exile360. I'm hoping they will get this fixed soon.
  18. Hi exile360, Yes. There are 2 I.E. processes running. Never happened before until MS Office 2019. Thanks.
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