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  1. Dear Malwarebytes, We are currently using Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection. Do you guys still provide to us the Standalone versions as well? The one that is the same or similar to the ones we had when we still using the Management Console from our own dedicated server? Basically, an Unmanaged version? Thanks.
  2. Detected file attached. Not sure which Logs file you are looking for. This is the Managed Malwarebytes Nebula. Thanks. HELIXproject Sync 1.0.15076.913.zip
  3. Dear Malwarebytes, Looks like a false positive. Please see screenshot. Thanks.
  4. Thank you. Another screenshot from the Cloud Management.
  5. Here is the attached screenshot. Thanks.
  6. Dear Malwarebytes, We recently got a detection for MachineLearning/Anomalous.100% for the Setup file of the Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. I have attached the file for verification whether this is a false positive or not. Thanks. Setup.zip
  7. Dear Malwarebytes, Our user reported this website as blocked: hxxp://www.sabahinternationalinc.com Can you please verify whether this is a false positive or not? Thanks.
  8. Any status updates guys? Seems like pointless to still block something that is no longer exist? Thanks.
  9. New Krungthai website uses WordPress (horrible in security) and was compromised to deliver malware from IP The IP is currently no longer valid.
  10. Dear Malwarebytes, Can you please verify to see if this is a false positive or not? Malwarebytes kept blocking it. hxxp://www.newkrungthai.com Thanks.
  11. Dear Malwarebytes, Here is a FP: https://holderconstruction.egnyte.com ( Thanks.
  12. Dear Malwarebytes, The website MPHusky is being blocked. Please verify if this is a false positive or not? Thanks.
  13. I'm curious of where is the malware database definitions is located at? Is it real time from the cloud or it is downloaded and stored locally on the computer? Thanks.
  14. Issue confirmed fixed. Thanks all.
  15. Thank you. Is it a false positive? Thanks.
  16. So what is your verdict on this one? A false positive or what is the reason it was blocked in this case? Thanks.
  17. Please see screenshot. P.S: We are using Malwarebytes Cloud. Thanks.
  18. Dear Malwarebytes, Whenever we went to this website "https://ceasattachments.com". Malwarebytes would pop-up with a block "structurecdn.thememove.com(". Please let us know whether this is a false positve or malicious? Thanks.
  19. Perfect ! You have answered my question. Thank you so much for the help.
  20. Thanks for the help guys. I'll keep you guys posted. Also it would be great if you guys can answer my other topic on here about how to test to see if the protections are working.
  21. Dear Malwarebytes, Scanning always failed. Even initiated at the local machine. Thanks.
  22. Dear Malwarebytes, We recently upgraded to Malwarebytes Nebula. We wanted to test to see if all the protections are working correctly. How do we test this? I have tried running the Anti-Exploit test program but it doesn't block or report it. Thanks.
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