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  1. I just got their email today. I'm concern that instead of having the issue fix on MB's side. The workaround is to lessen the security on our side. That's not reassuring at all. Thanks.
  2. Dear MB, Another user is effected. The client is using MS Office 2016 - 32 Bit. Thanks. Malwarebytes Diagnostics.zip
  3. Good morning AdvancedSetup, The issue came back this morning. Attached are the logs you requested. Thanks. Malwarebytes Diagnostics.zip
  4. Dear MB, I believed these are FP. Please see attached files. If you need the installer please PM me for the download link. Thanks. FP Detections.txt 411012371_MalwarebytesDiagnostics.zip
  5. Dear AdvancedSetup, I'm unable to reproduce the issue to grab you the logs. Perhaps it was fixed? Thanks.
  6. This will have to be next week because the user is already off for the week. Thanks.
  7. Dear AdvancedSetup, The ticket number is 3571909. Thanks.
  8. Dear MB, One of our user encountered the Exploit blocked whenever he opened this Excel file. He is using MS Excel 2013 (32 bit) with latest updates. Windows 10 Pro (64 bit). Screenshots and Logs are included. Thanks. 210829 TIME (HEATH).zip Logs.zip
  9. Sorry for the late reply. One of my team member couldn't find the file. Today I was able to find some time to dig and find the file for you. Looks like it was already fixed because I no longer see it being detected? Thanks. RTNIC_DELL_INST.zip
  10. Dear Malwarebytes, Looks like a false positive. Please see screenshot. Thanks.
  11. Dear Malwarebytes, I believed this to be a false positive. Please see screenshot. Thanks.
  12. Dear Malwarebytes, Referencing previous post: FP: hxxps://www.batterysystems.net - Website Blocking - Malwarebytes Forums As of today 06/21/2021 the website hxxps://www.batterysystems.net is still being blocked. Thanks.
  13. Hi guys, I believed this to be a false positive: hxxps://www.batterysystems.net Thanks.
  14. Dear Malwarebytes, Looks like a FP: secure.tradeschoolinc.com Thanks.
  15. Dear Malwarebytes, This site is being blocked: hxxps://cal.lighting ( Believed to be a FP. Thanks.
  16. Possible FP: hxxps://secure.tradeschoolinc.com/v5/ejatc332-org/login/index.php Thanks.
  17. Once the "Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent" is corrupted, you cannot un-install it using normal means. If you try to remove the Agent using the installer, you will get error "Malwarebytes for Windows does not support this system's CPU or hardware architecture. This installer will exit now". (Please see screenshots). The only way to fix this is to manually deep clean it out of the system and install again. Such a hassle when having to deal with many Endpoints. Hopefully Malwarebytes can solve this ASAP. Thanks.
  18. 100% agreed. Too many issues arises from that 😄
  19. Hi Porthos, Thank you for your input but we disabled Fast Start by default on all our endpoints.
  20. I found out that these Endpoints had corrupted Malwarebytes agent. Wonder what caused the Malwarebytes agent to become corrupted? I'll provide more details when I have more time. Thanks.
  21. Dear Malwarebytes, I noticed this happened quite often where Endpoints would ended up in "Last Seen 7+ Days Ago" after a while. Some can be as long as 6+ months even though it is active online every single day. Perhaps this is some kind of bug? Thanks.
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