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    False positive? Excel 2010

    OS: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) Excel 2010 MBAE Dear Malwarebytes. One of our employee got this alert: Exploit attempt to bypass ASLR blocked BLOCK. Is this a false positive or something serious. Attached are the logs files. Thanks. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  2. REGITDept

    MMC Bugs?

    Status updates from Malwarebytes: I was able to successfully reproduce the error that you are receiving when attempting to send commands to offline clients. We have provided the developers for MBMC all of the logs and information provided by you, and we are investigating a fix for this problem. The fix is currently being targeted for release with MBMC 1.9.1. The timeline for 1.9.1 is currently sometime in the first half of 2019, but aiming towards February or March. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this error at the moment. If you would like, we can keep this case open for tracking purposes, that way we can provide you with more specific information about release as the timeline grows closer.
  3. Dear Malwarebytes, We have encountered a couple of issues with the MMC and we believed it is a bug but un-sure until it is verified with you guys. Bug 1: PCs still listed as being online when it is off and vice versa. Bug 2: Unable to move PC to a Group while it is offline. (See attached screenshot for error message). Thanks.
  4. REGITDept

    MMC Bugs?

    Yes I'm. Thanks for the help djacobson 🙂
  5. REGITDept

    MMC Bugs?

    Here is an update status directly from Support for Bug 1. Thank you for your updates and patience. Our engineering has reviewed this case and would like to further investigate this behavior as they were able to reproduce the issue you encountered. I will move this case to our L2 support queue and they will be in contact for next steps/updates on this case. Thank you for working with me on this issue. Thanks.
  6. REGITDept

    MMC Bugs?

    JPalacio, If Bug #2 is a requirement then how come sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't? We also have a Console running that never got this issue? Thanks.
  7. Dear Malwarebytes, What is the differences between Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Security besides telling me one is Server based and one is Cloud based. I need to know more in details as well as the pros and cons between the two. I heard some said that the Cloud based is better protection because it uses newer technologies? Please clarify for me. Thanks.
  8. Dear Malwarebytes, We have employees that have malicious Chrome extensions in their Google account. Whenever they logged into their account the malicious extensions would get installed on the computer. Anti-Malware doesn't detect nor block the extensions. The only time we noticed and removed was when we initiated a manual scan from the Console. After it was removed, all they have to do is re-log back in again to get the malicious extensions re-installed again. The process kept on going. Is this normal or something is wrong here? Thanks.
  9. djacobson, Can Malwarebytes add a feature to automatically block/remove malicious Chrome extensions without the need for Google Chrome group policies? Thanks.
  10. djacobson, Thank you very much for your detailed explanations.
  11. KDawg, How come Anti-Malware auto protect doesn't pick this up and block/remove it the moment it gets installed/re-installed? We tried testing it by leaving it alone for weeks and it still doesn't pick it up on it's own. What is the point of Auto Protect when it doesn't pick up something that came in and installed on the system? Thanks.
  12. Dear Malwarebytes, It seems that Malwarebytes Endpoint Security doesn't have the Network Intrusion Protection feature. Is this something you guys doesn't need or will be adding in the near future? Should we be running Malwarebytes with let say Symantec Endpoint Protection? If so will there be any conflicts? Thanks.
  13. REGITDept

    False positive? Excel 2010

    We have another employee with the same issue. Logs attached. Thanks. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  14. Dear Malwarebytes, We encountered a bug when a user double-click on an Excel file to open directly in Outlook 2010, it took a while before the Excel file is opened. The PC is running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) with MS Office Standard 2010 (32 bit). The affected application is MS Outlook 2010 (32 bit). Attached you will find the logs for this PC. Thanks. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  15. Dear Rshullinger, We had to un-installed MBAE and re-installed it. After the re-installation we are unable to reproduce the issue. Thanks.
  16. Dear Malwarebytes, I would like to report a critical issue with MBAE and Internet Explorer 11 with the latest updates. Internet Explorer 11 will randomly freezes when launched. Please see attached screenshot for reference. Thanks.
  17. Dear Malwarebytes, Does MBAE protect un-patch Windows with vulnerability (MS17-010)? If yes, starting with what version of MBAE does the protection included? Thanks.
  18. Dear Malwarebytes, We would like to report a false positive with the latest version of MBAE ( with the HP Scanning application. Exploit was blocked when scanning. We are running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit in a Domain environment. Please look at attached logs file. Thanks. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  19. I'm just curious of why when installing the new builds, some computer will asked to restart and some don't?
  20. Build 1398 fixed the issue for us. Should we try the 1403 build? Thanks.

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